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3rd Aug 2020 CTT Webinar by Shailaja Sharma


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: Kaustav Chakravarthy

Session Date and Time: 3rd August, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 pm IST

Session Title: How Coaching can help redefining Organization Culture in the New Normal

Session Description: Session Description: The research is clear… coaching improves performance, collaboration and output. For more than 20 years, coaching has been a key component of leadership development programs and nearly all large organizations develop top performers by using external coaches or developing internal coaches.

You know you have a strong coaching culture when coaching conversations flow in all directions—upwards, downwards and sideways. Learning becomes a way of life as people actively seek feedback and support. Drawing strength from diversity, people share power and make collaborative decisions that speed up the change process. A strong coaching culture offers customized support at every level, and as a result, people fully engage in crucial, candid, respectful conversations.

Covid has upended all that and thrown organizations and employees into a situation of trauma and disruptive change. Life ,work and workspaces have all changed forever.

In this session, we discuss ways in which Coaching can help organizations to not just Survive but Thrive in the New Normal

About the speaker: Shailaja is an HR professional with rich experience in partnering businesses. Her expertise is in shaping the People agenda focusing on talent, succession and learning while integrating the Diversity agenda. She has diverse experience as in-company HR and in consulting across multiple geographies.

Certified Executive Coach and holder of several psychometric and OD certifications. Graduated with Distinction from INSEAD Singapore in ‘Executive Master for Change’ in 2018 to bring an organizational psychodynamic perspective at an individual, intrapersonal and system level in order to drive success for executives, teams, and organizations

Shailaja has Professional expertise in the areas of Facilitating Organization Development & Change, Partnering the business and leaders, aligning and cascading the People agenda; Building Talent & Leadership pipeline; Enhancing Individual & Organization Capability; Creating the Diversity and Inclusion agenda, facilitating the delivery of key Diversity metrics.

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Shailaja Sharma

Executive Coach, PCC

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