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What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a personal development process in which an individual gets coached to achieve his goals and further enhance his skills and competencies. Executives whilst possessing the technical expertise in their role face various challenges like time management, conflict management, communication issues, networking, executive presence, people management and so on. Irrespective of where the person is in their career or professional life, executive coaching helps individuals on aspects that s/he wants to be coached on and enables them to become a better professional.

Benefits Of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching engagement is usually designed to span over a period of 6-8 months with a minimum of 6 one-to-one coaching sessions but can be customized based on individual requirements. The sessions are spread as per the various stages below:

  • Create Self –

  • Work on the
    challenges that
    they are facing
    in their current

  • Develops them for the
    next role

  • Develop

  • Final Review
    and Closure

  • Talent

  • Enthusiastic
    and engaged

  • Increased

Why Should You Hire An Executive Coach?

An Executive Coach will help you:

  • Identify your area of development
  • Know the cause, triggers, impact and benefits of working on the relevant area
  • Prepare an action plan to reach your desired goal

How To Pick The Right Executive Coach?

An Executive Coach should be qualified with relevant Credentials and experience. He should be an expert in competencies that are needed to coach the individual. Coach-To-Transformation provides Executive Coaching Services by making the process easy and smooth by internal mapping of coaches from its global pool of >1000 coaches with the organization requirements and providing the most suitable coach relevant to the Coachee.

Who Can Benefit From Executive Coaching?

  • Any Executive who wishes to enhance skills, develop competencies, better performance is welcome to the Executive Coaching Program.
  • Organizations that believe in investing in their people development and unleashing the potential of their people develop competencies

Executive Coaching: Duration & Structure

Executive Coaching engagement is usually designed to span over a period of 4-6 months but can be customized based on individual requirements.

  • Understanding the
    need, clarify the
    objective for coaching

  • Stakeholder
    Engagement as

  • One-to-one
    coaching sessions

  • Closure with
    measuring impact

  • Create a
    sustainable plan

Why Coach Coach-To-Transformation?

Coach-To-Transformation provides:

  • The most suitable coach based on the organization requirement from its carefully curated pool of >1000 global credentialed coaches.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of your needs and well-articulated outcome
  • A session to discuss and understand the outcome
  • Effective trackers to track the progress
  • Engagement details of coaching journey available at a click
  • Measurable results to weigh the coaching impact



Executive Coaching is for any individual in the organization irrespective of where s/he is in the career path and irrespective of organization hierarchy. Thus any employee in your organization whom you deem needs coaching is eligible for undergoing Executive Coaching.
By hiring an executive cach, your executives will have more clarity on their goal, will be more self aware, have an action plan to proceed forward, will be more engaged and in relevant cases also ready for the next role.
Executive Coaching is designed usually over a span of 4-6 months. However , it is completely customizable depending on the individual requirements.

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At Coach-to-transformation we understand every Organization is unique and so are its people and their needs. All our Coaching Programs are completely customisable and can be curated around your specific issues and time at hand.

We are happy and passionate about having a coaching conversation.
Please contact us for further details.


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