Coach as a Service

Finding the Right Coach

Our clients constantly seek our help in sourcing quality coaches that will provide meaningful and measurable outcomes. The process of looking for a coach can be taxing. Too many coaches, confusing credentials and the complexity of predicting efficacy can confuse clients. In some cases, clients prefer being involved in selecting their coaches, perhaps even evaluating a few before they decide on one. We want to give our clients credible information on a platform that is simple to use, quick and different.

We strive to match a client and coach based on the client’s goals and objectives. We believe in building a trusting relationship with complete confidentiality to foster honest reflection. Matching coaches and clients with similar backgrounds allow our coaches to empathize with our clients and create an environment of trust and comfort.

What Makes Coach-to-Transformation Unique?

Each coach is carefully selected by validating credentials. We observe, record evaluate coaches in action to bring the highest standards to this network. We analyze comprehensive data and gather our understanding of client needs to quickly and effectively identify the best-fit profiles for an assignment.

Once the engagement starts, we help the client project-manage the engagement by tracking the project in real-time, available at a click to the client, coachee, and coach without compromising on confidentiality. We are the only organization in India to provide software that allows tracking the project. The sponsor has real-time access to a number of sessions, initial and final ratings on objectives, billing, invoicing, status, etc. Our process is designed in a way that our client group can easily draw reports on leader feedback about their coaching journey, level of excitement building up in the coaching group and track project completion.

Here Is How We Do It

We promise a quick, easy and unique way to match the best coach tailored to your requirements

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We want to work with leaders and help them create a “better” place (work environment and culture) in their organization. We would be happy to be part of this journey with you!

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