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‘What is ICF's ACSTH (Approved coach specific training hours) pathway for accreditation’?

Choose the ACSTH path with Coach-To-Transformation

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The Coach-To-Transformation’s ACSTH Coach Certification Program being fully aligned and approved by ICF not only meets stringent education and experience requirements but also is globally recognized for coach practitioners.

Being fully aligned and a member organization of ICF, our program offers high standards in the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level coach certification training that follows the ACSTH path.

Advantages of ACSTH Certification program

The ICF provides Coach Certification through the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) pathways. Applying candidates are sometimes confused about which one they should pick. Both the ACTP and the ACSTH pathways lead to the same end goals i.e. becoming an accredited coach.

ACSTH Pathway benefits prospective coaches who are looking to complete training from an ICF accredited program. The ACSTH program will enable them to achieve certification and help them take their coaching skills to the subsequent level.

Who can benefit from ACSTH Certification?

  • A professional wanting to move the needle on your current capabilities
  • An entrepreneur wanting to grow using coaching
  • A student pursuing a professional course
  • Looking for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials or advancing from ACC level to the Professional Certified Coach program level through ICF

Requirements for an individual to avail ICF's certification through ACSTH pathway

  • At least 60 hours of coach-specific training
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months
  • A minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience
  • Performance evaluation (audio recording and written transcript of a coach session to be uploaded with your application to ICF).
  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation (CTT) for ICF’s ACSTH accreditation?

Coach-To-Transformation always aims for the highest standards of coaching so that you can get empowered. Empowered to achieve success and empowered to help your clients become the best version of themselves. We support you through the entire ICF certification with our well-designed curriculum completely in-line with ICF Guidelines.

Through ICF’s ACSTH accredited coach training, Coach-To-Transformation helps aspiring coaches to build the skills and confidence needed to acquire an ICF Accreditation. Coach-To-Transformation is your ideal partner for the ACSTH Program. We work hand-in-hand with you to help you gain confidence and get certified as a coach.

  1. Our small batches, help in building trust and make the entire journey extremely experiential in nature. Every batch has a minimum of two mentor coaches as well as experienced and renowned visiting faculty.
  2. We provide unlimited mentor coaching hours and ensure that our participants complete their accreditation journey with ICF.
  3. Our candidates get lifelong access to mentor coaching and learning modules of CTT. Participants can come back and refresh their coach training by joining any of the ongoing batches. Our Coaches can come back to us for Mentor coaching at any point in their coaching journey.
  4. We provide ongoing learning through webinars where we invite global leaders and coaches to support our coaches in their journey, free of cost.

All in all, our desire is to create and support coaches, not provide them with just a certification.

Program Details of ACSTH Coach Certification Program:

Our ICF backed ACSTH Coach Certification Program offers both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. While Level 1 goes on for 60 hours, Level 2 is for 65 hours.

Post Level 1 of ACSTH, the coach can apply for the ACC credentials and upon completion of Level 2 of ACSTH they can apply for PCC credentials.

You also have an option of attending both levels together. You may click here to know more about the ACTP Coach Certification Program

Course models of ICF’s ACSTH Coach Certification Program:

ItemLevel 1Level 2
Program ModeFace to Face/ VirtualVirtual
Hours Completed60 hours over 4 months65 hours over 4 months
Synchronous Hours (Hours working with Faculty)32 hours (4 days F2F X 8 hours or 12 Weeks Virtual) + 16 hours (6 Weeks Virtual Only)48 Hours (16 weeks X 3 hours, Virtual Only)
Asynchronous Hours (Assignments, Practice Coaching, self study, etc.)12 Hours including peer coaching and book review15 Hours including peer coaching, Triad, Self Reflection, concept reviews
Mentored Hours10 hours with 3 hours 1-1 Mentor coaching hours10 hours with 3 hours 1-1 Mentor coaching hours
Performance EvaluationNoNo
Batch Size5-105-6

Course Modules for ICF’s ACSTH Coach Certification Program:

Module 1

Setting the

Module 2

Co-Creating the Relationship

Module 3

Communicating Effectively

Module 4

Facilitating Learning and Results

Module 5

Facilitating Learning and Results

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    Know What Our Students Have to Say

    • This was my second program with CTT. Last year (2019), I got my PCC credentialing done with CTT. Overall, MCCP program was deeper experience than PCC. While I learned a lot about Mentor Coaching, as a side effect, my overall Coaching skills got enhanced! This course helped me to deepen my understanding about ICF Competencies – what they are – and what they are NOT! Both Rajat and Arvind are great at what they do – Coaching and Facilitating a program! Some of the one liners used during the program (e.g. Who you are – Mentor Coach or Coach Mentor) made me think a lot about my Mentor Coaching style. Both of them ensured that the participants learned on their own for most of the time. They gave us space to think – ideate – practice – learn! The overall structure of the program allowed me to do a lot of practise of the ‘Mentor Coaching’ Skill. Added benefit to me was that most of the  participants were PCC and above. So the quality of the conversation in the class room was of very high quality. Overall, it was a fun learning! If one wants to be an above average Mentor Coach, then one must go through this course! All the best!
      Vivek Yatnalkar
      Coach, Facilitator, key note speaker
    • Rajat has been inspiring coach & mentor during my PCC coaching training program. His innate style of letting all of explore ourselves by allowing us to speak and express without getting in our way and yet being there to guide us at the right time has been excellent. I learned lot of things like Active listening (one of his excellent trait), exploring who etc. He helped us explore various aspects of psychology, NLP and various coaching models yet ensuring that we keep an eye on core competencies of PCC markers. His constant guidance in terms of constant constructive feedback, creating framework for peer coaching and assignments helped us navigate thru the entire coach training journey. We were about 15 people in our group and he ensured that we remained positive and support each other throughout. I look up to him to resolve any issues that I come across and be like him one day. Thanks a lot Rajat, and I really appreciate of what you have done
      Nitin Goyal
    • Rajat is an extremely patient and centered mentor. He encouraged me to ask questions and gave me space to think freely. It was a pleasure to be in his PCC ACTP class and I remain ever so thankful for all the knowledge he imparted. The best thing about him is that he believes he is learning at all times, which is a fabulous trait to have. I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors and am glad to have found a life-time friend/coach/mentor in him
      Rupali Sahai
      Eye Level Learning Centre Dubai
    • I was mentored by Rajat as a part of the PCC credentialing process in 2016 and would call it one of my best learning experiences. Rajat was virtually managing a group of 15 people and was able to provide support & guidance to all of us individually & collectively. He has this wonderful ability to be present and offer inputs that were relevant at that specific moment. What truly remains with me, more than anything else, was his ability to provide the space for each of us to explore our own learning journeys. Thank you Rajat! Here’s wishing & praying that you continue to touch more lives
      Ram Gopalan
      Positivista Coaching LLP
    • Rajat is an excellent Mentor Coach and a really nice human being. He helped me tremendously for my PCC certification journey. He was very helpful and was always available- literally a message/phone call away. He has a solid knowledge base and strong foundations in ICF core competencies which have been pivotal for me to gain in-depth PCC credential mastery. He is exact, precise with great time management and active listening skills. His approach is simple, straight and to the point. I owe much of my learning to him for he enabled me to be able to expand myself!
      University of London ( Graduate Student- Org.Psychology)
    • "I met Rajat during my coach training session at Chennai in December 2014. The most important thing, which I noticed during the session, was his excellent ability to analyze any situation threadbare and to ask powerful questions. According to me any coach who can do these two things effectively and efficiently can conduct the coaching session in the right direction and help the coachee to arrive at the right decision or reach the right destination. While he is very focused and to the point, he also gives the coachee the required time and leverage for the coachee to realize what is good for him. The coaching session I had with Rajat was very useful and helped me to firm up few of my thoughts. Rajat is very intelligent, quick and able to pick up the right threads from the words of the coachee and then he is able to use the same threads and make the coachee to weave coachee's own cloth to the requirement of the coachee. His ability is his testimony and I am happy to be associated with him. I wish him all the best in his coaching career."
      Dr.N.Sundarkumar, Corporte Director, Scion International LLC, Dubai. UAE
      Scion International LLC
    • "Rajat has been a great coach and a mentor. He really brings the best in you through his intense involvement in the clients journey and his extremely candid and to-the point feedback for a continuous improvement of skills. He brings in life to the conversation with his powerful questioning and makes the learning impactful. With the sessions I had with Rajat as mentor I could sharpen the competencies much faster and enabled me to emerge as a stronger coach to bring in the best from my clients. I can't thank enough of his help in enabling me to identify a dimension to my professional journey"
      Head Customer Experience (Large MNC bank BPO in India)
    • "Rajat Garg is a highly energetic and enthusiastic Mentor Coach, in my experience with him. He is highly knowledgeable in this field and has a very good grip of the ICF's framework as well as the psychological principles. His friendly approach - in spite of his huge knowledge - is the icing on the cake. "
      Krish Venkat (CEO - Ananthaa Consulting)
      Ananthaa Consulting
    • “I have found Rajat's sessions extremely engaging and interactive. During our discussions, he brings out his knowledge and experience to the fore, providing deep insights on the topics. His feedback has always been constructive with the intent of raising one's learning, awareness and self discovery. While analyzing our Peer Coaching sessions, Rajat brings in different perspectives, looking at aspects from various angles, opening up a whole new range of options, which we wouldn't even have thought of.   It's great to have Rajat as my Mentor Coach and would bank on his guidance for my Coaching journey and beyond.”
      Srinath (Director, Renatus Consultants)
      Renatus Consultants
    • “Rajat's skills of empathy and clarity of thought has given my own thought process a clear line of vision. Incisive and supportive, he has not hesitated in giving developmental feedback while respecting my learning style. My own level of commitment and responsibility has significantly increased since engaging with him. He just never tires, always available and ready to work with individual challenges. Rajat takes what he does very seriously and is passionate about his work, he truly believes in the value of developing more coaches and the impact it has in creating a transformational Organisation.”
      Priya (Counseling Psychologist)
    • “Rajat Garg has been my Mentor Coach for my PCC (Professionally Certified Coach through ICF) accreditation process since Aug 2014. The best thing I like about his style is that his approach towards mentoring is typical of a coach and never leading or unconsciously as a coach. He is very articulate, present, non judgmental and listens on all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive. He is fearless and does not hesitate to challenge. He creates a safe and trusting space for the delivery of feedback, using a respectful, clear, judgment free tone and very deftly applies the coaching skill to deliver this rather than leading to a solution. To conclude on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being highest), ( I learnt this from him to deal with specifying abstract statements), I would rate his impact as a mentor coach at 9.”
      Gayatri (Head Technology, FirstSource)


    1. Do I need to be Certified to practice coaching?
    As per ICF 2017 survey, 77% of coaches and 86% of respondents expect coaches to be certified or hold a credential. Certification accredited by ICF increases credibility and acceptance as a Coach.

    2. What is ICF?
    ICF (International Coach Federation) is one of the largest not for profit Coach Certification body of global repute.

    3. What is ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours Program (ACSTH) ?
    ACSTH or ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is an ICF pathway to becoming an accredited Coach. The ACSTH Coach Training Program is your pathway to an ACC certification.

    4. Why should you join ACSTH program?
    The ACSTH Program is an internationally recognized coach training program. Getting ICF credentials builds credibility to your coaching Career.

    5. How do I enroll for the ACSTH certification?
    Sign up for the Level 1 course and we will connect with you to get your ACSTH Coach Training, rolling.

    6. Where do I sign up?
    Check our training calendar here Training Calendar to sign up to sign up

    7. What is your Payment and refund policy?
    All payments to be made in advance. All payments are non-refundable if the participant chooses to opt-out of the ACSTH Coach Training program. All payments will be refunded in case Coach-To-Transformation decides to cancel the training.

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