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What Is Career Coaching?

Individuals at a point in their professional life either feel lost about their Career or wonder what’s the next step. They wonder whether they are in the right career or not. If yes, what should be the next step in the career- whether a vertical move or a lateral move? Career coaching helps individuals look through a lens that will not only help them see their career path clearly but also help them plan actionables to reach that goal. Career coaching is a process of proactively managing one’s professional life to maximise potential and reach the desired goal. It helps employees perform at their peak and look for maximised productivity and job satisfaction.

Benefits Of Career Coaching

Career coaching has an individual and organisational level of impact. Services can bring about-

  • Making informed decision about career evolution
  • Build confidence and define value proposition
  • More engaged workforce
  • Positivity and increased enthusiasm in employees
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved productivity
  • More flexibility in utilisation of Human Capital
  • Maximum utilisation of resources
  • Making informed decision about career evolution

Who Can Benefit From Career Coaching?

  • Individuals who want to have clarity in their career path.
  • Organizations that can provide Employee Lateral growth and inter departmental movements
  • Organizations going through a change, or restructuring having the bandwidth to accommodate employee interest and better their engagement levels can opt for Career Coaching Services.

What To Expect From A Career Coach?

A career Coach will hold your hand and be a partner in your journey to help you define your career.
A career coach will help you:

  • Understand your

  • Become

  • Identify or
    reconfirm your
    career path

  • Prepare an action
    plan for you to
    move towards
    your goal

Career Coaching: Structure And Duration

Coach-To-Transformation provides face to face as well as online career coaching services
which is usually a 3 months’ commitment but can be customized based on individual requirements.
It includes the below stages:

  • Introductory session to explain the objective of the Coaching Sessions, and understand
    the current situation
  • One-to-One coaching session to chalk out a career plan
  • Closing Session with actionable to reach the goal

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation’s Career Coaching Services?

Coach-To-Transformation provides:

  • The most suitable coach based on the organization requirement from its carefully curated pool of >1000 global credentialed coaches.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of your needs and well-articulated outcome
  • A session to discuss and understand the outcome
  • Effective trackers to track the progress
  • Engagement details of coaching journey available at a click
  • Measurable results to weigh the coaching impact



Organizations going through a change, or restructuring having the bandwidth to accommodate employee interest and better their engagement levels can opt for Career Coaching. Career Coaching will help employees have clarity on their career path and make an informed decision on their career evolution.
Every coaching assignment begins with objective setting. Career coach will help you understand your goal and work with you on that goal. Career coach will help you discover what is the Career path that you wish to follow.

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