Leadership Coaching

What Does Leadership Coaching mean?

Leadership Coaching is a personal developmental process in which a leader gets help from a coach to achieve a goal and further elevate their skills and abilities.

Does My Organisation Need Leadership Coaching? 

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Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. The capability of an organization’s leadership is a reflection of an organizations overall performance. Powerful leadership in an organization can accelerate desirable returns, and vice versa, a leader that lacks self-awareness can reduce productivity in an organization.

When Does An Executive Require Leadership Coaching?

Sometimes a leader has the required technical excellence, knowledge and resources but cannot achieve the desired difference they need or want to see in the space they work. Something much more personal and involved is needed-Leadership Coaching.

Leaders are already the expert of their lives. What they need is a coach that will create an environment that provokes introspection and self-reflection to clarify and crystallize goals. The coach helps the individual in finding their solution and committing to the action that will move the goal forward. The coach follows up by making sure the leader sees the goal through and if not achieved, invites more discourse and learning on this issue.

Why Choose

How Does Having a CTT Leadership Coach Benefit the Leader and their Organisation?

Sense of self-awareness

  • - Adapt to different situations
  • - Effective leadership style
  • - Learn how to manage upwards

Clearer Communication

  • - Improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • - Learn conflict-management skills
  • - New avenues of communication with employees
  • Empowerment

    • - Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well being
    • - Develop "superstar" workers
    • - Manage "Difficulf" people


  • - Engage in succession planning & management
  • - Expedite priority setting time management
  • - Manoeuvre the team by inspiriting and motivating team
  • How Does Having a CTT Leadership Coach Benefit the Leader and their Organisation?

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