NLP tools for Coaching

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is how we think, sense, feel, say and behave. A science of what going within the brain, nervous system and stimulus and an art of how the body & mind responds in the form of human behavior. Human behavior is as complex as our body. For e.g.- Within a family, siblings demonstrate different personalities & behavior of a same situation even though they have the same genes from their parent. Every mind and body are unique in its own way and there can be no replica approaches when we interact with different people.

NLP beautifully helps people to discover themselves at conscious, unconscious and sub-conscious levels. A great depth of awareness of the unconscious seeps in. NLP can be practiced in all walks of life. It emphasizes on the whole completeness of oneself.

The Program

NLP Tools for Coaching is an impactful and powerful program which would help coaches to advance in one’s coaching skills to the next level. The techniques of NLP will not just help your client but will also help you create deeper awareness about oneself and yet have a powerful conversation without you influencing your client.

Who is this Program for?

‘NLP Tools for Coaching’ is for budding coaches who want to move deeper during their coaching conversations & have great coaching sessions with their client (Coachee).

How will you benefit?

  • Establish deep rapport with your coachee and understanding of how coachee creates and maintain their perception or world view
  • Know your client’s thinking pattern, beliefs and how can you support them more effectively in their journey
  • Understand the preferred style of your coachee and create adaptability of your coaching style accordingly
  • Understand the patterns of your client behavior, their beliefs, road blocks
  • Help your client when s/he gets stuck/ feels stressed
  • Use the right language when you coach a client or know if your language is influencing your client’s world during your session

Why this program?

  • This program will equip you to be more impactful and effective as a coach. Help you understand your client’s world more deeper, build rapport and learn new innovative ways to have successful & impactful sessions.
  • Experiential learning from certified ICF Coach & NLP Practitioner.

What will you gain?

  • Knowledge and understanding of NLP tools relevant to the coaching world
  • 10 CCEUs (5 core competency & 5 resource development)

Program Details:

Mode of conductVirtual (Live Online)
Total duration10 hours(2.5 hours once a week for 4 weeks)
Program formatOnline class, demonstration and assignments

Rekha Upadhyay - ACC | NLP Practitioner | Director Research and Publication of the ICF-Bengaluru Chapter


Rekha R Upadhyay

ACC | NLP Practitioner | Director Research and Publication of the ICF-Bengaluru Chapter

Rekha is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coach Federation (ICF) with more than 150 hours of coaching individuals and teams in areas of Executive, Leadership, Performance, Life and Diversity Coaching. She is also a NLP Practitioner graduated from Christ University. As a coach her passion lies in working with people across life ages to facilitate life transformation, focuses on the ‘who’ of the person and empowering them to identify their potential and take actions towards a happy and successful future.
Rekha is an HR Professional with 14+ years of experience in talent management and talent acquisition.

She has various affiliations and credentials to her Credit viz. member of Global International Coach Federation, NHRWA & NHRD; Theory U Lab; HOGAN Assessments; Competency Based Interviewing Skills; CPI Career Transition Consultant.

Real People, Real Stories....

  • "The visualization techniques used by Rekha during the coaching sessions have been very insightful to help understand, articulate and act on one's feelings and thoughts, regardless of the context or situation. I have found these sessions very valuable."
    Mohan Ram
    Senior Management Professional & Theatre Actor

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