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What is Mentor Coaching?

Mentor coaching means being mentored & coached on your coaching skills. Mentor Coaching is a mandatory requirement for ICF credentialing.

Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.

In order to apply for an ICF credential, you are required to have been coached for a minimum of 10 hours over a minimum of 3 months by a qualified Mentor Coach who holds ICF certification at the same or higher level than that which you are applying for.

Why do you need Mentor Coaching?

Mentoring provides professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level. It helps you prepare for your ICF certification as a Coach.

Benefits of Mentor Coaching:

Mentor Coaching helps coaches

  • Refine Coaching

  • Ready to apply
    for ICF credentials

  • Address any
    challenges faced
    during coaching

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation’s Mentor Coaching Program?

  • Certified and highly
    experienced faculty

  • Individual as well
    as Group Coaching

  • Program aligned to
    ICF requirements of

Mentor Coaching Program Details

  • This is a 10-hour Program spread over 3 months aligned to ICF requirements.

  • 8 hours will be group mentor coaching (2 hr session every 3 weeks for 3 months) and 3 hours will be one-to-one (1:1) mentor coaching.

  • This allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.

Who can benefit from Mentor Coaching?

Candidates applying for ICF credentials on the following paths:


  • ACC Portfolio


  • PCC Portfolio

  • MCC

Candidates applying for Credential Renewals:

Coaches applying to renew their ACC Credential are required to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching above those hours required for their initial credential.

Coach-To-Transformation’s Mentor Coaching Program Methodology

Group Mentor Coaching Sessions

The group sessions will focus on one or two of the ICF Core Competencies in each call. Each competency shall be discussed in- depth including its application. There would also be live peer coaching sessions with feedback from peers and mentoring by the Mentor Coach.

Individual Mentor Coaching

You will have 3 hours of 1:1 mentor coaching with one of our highly experienced Mentor Coaches.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

As per ICF 2017 survey, 77% of coaches and 86% of respondents expect coaches to be certified or hold a credential. Certification accredited by ICF increases credibility and acceptance as a Coach.
If you are applying for ACC/ PCC credentials through ACSTH or portfolio path; MCC credentials OR if you are renewing your ACC Credentials, you will need to complete 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.
Depending on which level of credential you apply for, you would receive your Mentor Coaching from a coach who holds that credential. For example, if you are applying for your ACC credential, you can take your Mentor Coaching from an ACC, PCC, or MCC coach. If you are applying for your PCC credential, you’ll need to receive your Mentoring from a PCC or MCC coach. If you are applying for your MCC, you’ll need to be mentored by an MCC coach.
Mentor Coaching can only be provided by a certified ICF MCC or PCC coach, or an ICF ACC Coach that has been through at least one renewal cycle (3-years).
As per ICF requirements, you can take your Mentor Coaching during your coach training or even after you’ve completed your coach training.
As per ICF, Mentor Coaching should take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.
There will be 2-hour group session every 3 weeks over 12 weeks. Additionally, there will be 3 one to one (1:1) mentoring sessions.
Mentor Coaching sessions cover the ICF Core Competencies and reviewing of coaching demonstrations. Both of these are necessary for successful completion of your ICF credentials requirement.
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