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Research at Coach-to-transformation

A wise man once said,
Research is to see what everybody else has seen and Think what nobody has thought. Indeed!

At Coach-To-Transformation, we give a significant focus on Research. We feel that only Research has the potential to disclose unknown areas, build knowledge and a strong information-based foundation and also facilitate learning. But all this at the moment is a gap in the field of Coaching which is one of the fastest growing industries of today and perhaps lacks a systematic and academic approach to building it further.

At Coach-To-Transformation, research forms a strong foundation of the work that we do. We are perhaps the first-ever organization in the country to undertake research in the field of coaching, enabling us to create a bigger impact in what we do. Through research we are able to unearth trends and under-currents of the industry through our extensive explorations and study. This also helps us position ourselves strategically and to craft our courses according to the expectations and directions the market takes.

Goal of our research

At Coach-To-Transformation we want to lead our Coaching journey based on hard facts and findings. While it is common knowledge that Coaching holds immense power; power that can change the life of a coachee; we wanted to make sure that we go about this methodically. Thus, our research is a methodical approach to strengthen our work in coaching.

Methodology of our research at

At Coach-To-Transformation, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. Using a highly scientific approach. our research participants come from across the globe from diverse fields and experience based on the research topic. Research data is analysed rom every possible aspect to finally publish a detailed report which an be used by the user for knowing the concept thoroughly.

Some of our
research projects:

Coach-To-Transformation has researched on various topics like cultural nuances in coaching, impact of coach training program on participants, impact of peer coaching on individuals’ personal growth- to name a few.

While exploring and analyzing data we came across peculiar findings and great results about various aspects of coaching be it- participant sentiments, coachs’ expectations, biases, blind spots, impact of coach trainings, and the like.

  • 01

    Power of Coach Training

    One of our study explored the immense potential of Coach Training Programs’ powerful impact on individuals’ daily life and how it enables understanding the importance ‘self-awareness’. If you would like to download a summary report of this research

    Click here
  • 02

    Impact of Peer Coaching on Personal growth

    Peer coaching plays a vital role in a coach’s journey. The main idea behind one of our research project was to understand the contribution of Peer Coaching in one’s personal growth. If you would like to download a summary report of this research,

    Click here
  • 03

    Cultural Nuances in coaching

    One of the other research that we carried out was intended to enhance the understanding of the Psyche of the Coachee -knowing the cultural nuances in coaching in the Indian context by capturing insights using various survey forms. If you would like to download a summary report of this research,

    Click here
  • 04

    Coaching Generation Z

    Born after 1996, the youngest generation which makes up 32% of the global population- Generation Z, is now developing and maturing to steadily enter the workplace. The students of this generation are highly motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals. If you would like to download a summary report of this research,

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If you would like to read full reports of our research and conclusions or would like to receive regular updates on our research and findings, you may

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