Systemic Team Coaching

While teams focus on a lot on what to do and how to do it, what is often missed is the fact that performance is different from potential. In order for a team to achieve higher success, it is important they reach as near to their potential as possible. So what stops them from reaching their potential? The fact that there are just too many interferences – things like interpersonal relationships, perceptions about each other, assumptions, different end goals, individual motivations or simply put: respect for each other.

Systemic Team Coaching focuses on making the team understand each other as an individual and than their role in the group. It keeps the group goal as the topmost agenda and slowly integrates individual goals and the process of achieving it with the help of each other. Our Leadership Coaches, work along with the team to bring greater group awareness and actions which are future oriented. We also help them to be able to coach each other at a very basic level. So that the level of trust in each other increases day by day. It becomes an inter-dependant and a dependant team at the same time.

The coaching process involves one to one sessions with individuals and group coaching sessions. We also do workshop to align the vision and detailed action plan for the team.

Some of the benefits of Systemic Team Coaching are:

  • Increased Performance with reduced interference
  • Increased probability of success
  • Self Management and Sustained results
  • Respect for individuals

If you as a Leader is embarking on a new project or goal, Systemic Team Coaching is the best way to start. You will set yourself up for success. Reach out to us at