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‘What is ICF's Level 1 + Level 2

(Approved coach training program)

pathway for accreditation’?

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is an international coaching body which offers ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) to candidates who want to pursue coaching as a profession. Coaching touches the lives of the client in many ways and studies have shown that over 80% clients who had been part of a coaching relationship said that it was important for coaches to be accredited. The ICF or the International Coaching Federation is a Global body which has over 41,000 global members and 30,000+ accredited members practicing in various corners of the world. ICF has been accrediting coaches since 1998 and ICF certifications have come to denote a gold standard in Coach training and accreditation. The ICF’s ACTP certification program is one of the pathways to becoming an accredited coach. (Source: 2017 ICF global consumer awareness study)

Choose the Level 1 + Level 2 path
with Coach-To-Transformation

Coach-To-Transformation’s, ACTP Certification is a fast way for coaches to achieve their ACC and PCC certification from ICF. Coach-To-Transformation’s process for the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program includes student contact hours, assignments, practice coaching, peer coaching, mentor coaching and performance evaluation. As is evident, the ACTP Certification is all inclusive and covers all the steps to an accreditation, from training to final certification (does not include ICF application fees and online CKA). If you are a potential or practicing coach, the ACTP Certification Program is the perfect pathway for you to earn a global credential in coaching.

Advantages of Level 1 + Level 2

ICF provides Coach Certification through the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) pathways. Applying candidates are sometimes confused about which one they should pick. Both the ACTP and the ACSTH pathways lead to the same end goals i.e. becoming an accredited coach. In the ACTP Coaching the final evaluation for the accreditation for both ACC and PCC is done by a qualified Coach-To-Transformation’s Mentor Coach, while for the ACSTH the final evaluation is done by ICF Assessors. If you are unable to decide, do connect with us here. We would be happy to help you decide.

Requirements for an individual
to avail ICF’s Certification through the Level 1 + Level 2 Program?

To apply for an ICF’s Accredited Coach Training Program, the applicant must be committed to earning an accreditation as a coach.

  • Completion of an entire ICF Accredited Coach Training
    Program (ACTP).

  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months

  • A minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience

  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

Coaching Program Details

Our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) has two levels:

Level 1 covers 60 hours over a period of 4 months with 3 hours online weekly classes. The Level one ACTP coach training includes peer coaching, one on one mentor coaching assignments.
The Level 2 ACTP coach training covers over 65 hours of work including peer and mentor coaching.

In case you want to attend only Level 1 program then you might want to look at our ACSTH Coach Certification Program.

Course Models of ACTP:


  • Program Mode

  • Hours Completed

  • Mentored Hours

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Language of Training

Level 1

  • Virtual

  • 60 hours over 4 months

  • 10 hours with 3 hours 1-1 Mentor coaching hours

  • Yes

  • English

Level 2

  • Virtual

  • 65 hours over 4 months

  • 10 hours with 3 hours 1-1 Mentor coaching hours

  • Yes

  • English

Real People, Real Stories....

The center of our universe-our students OR our coaches. Here is why they like us

Coach to Transformation has something real. They have embedded greater value proposition to everything they do. For them it is not just that conducting number of sessions and completing a programme. When you are with CTT they would provide enormous amount of knowledge, insights and experience so that you are very well equipped with all tools to move forward and confidently practice and experience the knowledge gained through their programmes. CTT is family that would look after their kith & Kin genuinely and sincerely. I wish Rajat, Sujata and the Team CTT to have greater courage and determination to continue their journey filled with highest spiritual blessings. I am indeed happy to be a part of this great family and looking forward to continue my professional development with this family in the future as well

- Upul Dissanayaka, Sri Lanka

I have immensely benefitted from CTT programs, and anyone wanting to start the coaching journey then CTT is the best

- Deepak Deshpande , India

Rajat has been inspiring coach & mentor during my PCC coaching training program. His innate style of letting all of explore ourselves by allowing us to speak and express without getting in our way and yet being there to guide us at the right time has been excellent. I learned lot of things like Active listening (one of his excellent trait), exploring who etc. He helped us explore various aspects of psychology, NLP and various coaching models yet ensuring that we keep an eye on core competencies of PCC markers. His constant guidance in terms of constant constructive feedback, creating framework for peer coaching and assignments helped us navigate thru the entire coach training journey. We were about 15 people in our group and he ensured that we remained positive and support each other throughout. I look up to him to resolve any issues that I come across and be like him one day. Thanks a lot Rajat, and I really appreciate of what you have done

Nitin Goyal

Rajat is an extremely patient and centered mentor. He encouraged me to ask questions and gave me space to think freely. It was a pleasure to be in his PCC ACTP class and I remain ever so thankful for all the knowledge he imparted. The best thing about him is that he believes he is learning at all times, which is a fabulous trait to have. I wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors and am glad to have found a life-time friend/coach/mentor in him

Eye Level Learning Centre Dubai

I was mentored by Rajat as a part of the PCC credentialing process in 2016 and would call it one of my best learning experiences. Rajat was virtually managing a group of 15 people and was able to provide support & guidance to all of us individually & collectively. He has this wonderful ability to be present and offer inputs that were relevant at that specific moment. What truly remains with me, more than anything else, was his ability to provide the space for each of us to explore our own learning journeys. Thank you Rajat! Here’s wishing & praying that you continue to touch more lives

Ram Gopalan - Positivista Coaching LLP

Rajat is an excellent Mentor Coach and a really nice human being. He helped me tremendously for my PCC certification journey. He was very helpful and was always available- literally a message/phone call away. He has a solid knowledge base and strong foundations in ICF core competencies which have been pivotal for me to gain in-depth PCC credential mastery. He is exact, precise with great time management and active listening skills. His approach is simple, straight and to the point. I owe much of my learning to him for he enabled me to be able to expand myself!

Nityashri - University of London ( Graduate Student- Org.Psychology)

“I met Rajat during my coach training session at Chennai in December 2014. The most important thing, which I noticed during the session, was his excellent ability to analyze any situation threadbare and to ask powerful questions. According to me any coach who can do these two things effectively and efficiently can conduct the coaching session in the right direction and help the coachee to arrive at the right decision or reach the right destination. While he is very focused and to the point, he also gives the coachee the required time and leverage for the coachee to realize what is good for him. The coaching session I had with Rajat was very useful and helped me to firm up few of my thoughts. Rajat is very intelligent, quick and able to pick up the right threads from the words of the coachee and then he is able to use the same threads and make the coachee to weave coachee’s own cloth to the requirement of the coachee. His ability is his testimony and I am happy to be associated with him. I wish him all the best in his coaching career.”

Dr.N.Sundarkumar, Corporte Director, Scion International LLC, Dubai. UAE - Scion International LLC

“Rajat has been a great coach and a mentor. He really brings the best in you through his intense involvement in the clients journey and his extremely candid and to-the point feedback for a continuous improvement of skills. He brings in life to the conversation with his powerful questioning and makes the learning impactful. With the sessions I had with Rajat as mentor I could sharpen the competencies much faster and enabled me to emerge as a stronger coach to bring in the best from my clients. I can’t thank enough of his help in enabling me to identify a dimension to my professional journey”

Head Customer Experience (Large MNC bank BPO in India)

“Rajat Garg is a highly energetic and enthusiastic Mentor Coach, in my experience with him. He is highly knowledgeable in this field and has a very good grip of the ICF’s framework as well as the psychological principles. His friendly approach – in spite of his huge knowledge – is the icing on the cake. “

Krish Venkat (CEO - Ananthaa Consulting) - Ananthaa Consulting

“I have found Rajat’s sessions extremely engaging and interactive. During our discussions, he brings out his knowledge and experience to the fore, providing deep insights on the topics. His feedback has always been constructive with the intent of raising one’s learning, awareness and self discovery. While analyzing our Peer Coaching sessions, Rajat brings in different perspectives, looking at aspects from various angles, opening up a whole new range of options, which we wouldn’t even have thought of. It’s great to have Rajat as my Mentor Coach and would bank on his guidance for my Coaching journey and beyond.”

Srinath (Director, Renatus Consultants) - Renatus Consultants

“Rajat’s skills of empathy and clarity of thought has given my own thought process a clear line of vision. Incisive and supportive, he has not hesitated in giving developmental feedback while respecting my learning style. My own level of commitment and responsibility has significantly increased since engaging with him. He just never tires, always available and ready to work with individual challenges. Rajat takes what he does very seriously and is passionate about his work, he truly believes in the value of developing more coaches and the impact it has in creating a transformational Organisation.”

Priya (Counseling Psychologist)

“Rajat Garg has been my Mentor Coach for my PCC (Professionally Certified Coach through ICF) accreditation process since Aug 2014. The best thing I like about his style is that his approach towards mentoring is typical of a coach and never leading or unconsciously as a coach. He is very articulate, present, non judgmental and listens on all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive. He is fearless and does not hesitate to challenge. He creates a safe and trusting space for the delivery of feedback, using a respectful, clear, judgment free tone and very deftly applies the coaching skill to deliver this rather than leading to a solution. To conclude on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being highest), ( I learnt this from him to deal with specifying abstract statements), I would rate his impact as a mentor coach at 9.”

Gayatri (Head Technology, FirstSource) - FirstSource

It is my life goal to “leave things better than I found them”. And “coaching” was a skill I always wanted to acquire. Having gone through the CTT program not only did I acquire and sharpen the skill of coaching, it also served as a life transforming experience. I learnt so much about myself, the self imposed limitations, questioned my values and beliefs and challenged myself to be more than I thought I could be. This was possible only because our faculty Arvind pushed us to explore and the amazing peer coaching sessions we had on a weekly basis and the purposefully curate book review sessions we had. I would highly recommend the CTT course if you are looking to explore the world of coaching or wanting to have a life changing experience.

Rukshan De Silva

CTT is a professional group for coaching training programmes. They are a committed, professional and knowledgeable group of people.

Anil Thomas

CTT is a good platform to start with coaching journey, this will guide the incumbent how to reach their.


The CTT programe is a great foundation to understand the art of coaching . It allows the participant to experience a very structured step by step interactive experience which aids in internalising the key pillars to develop as a pure coach.

M C Cariappa

My love n belief in coaching has only deepened. And deepest gratitude to Rajat for showing us the way and ease in which coaching could be. The sharing between the peers and fun in these sessions kept a lot of life and energy on!

Shilpa Jahagirdar

The experience is life transforming. Brought in a lot of positive energy, peace and calmness. So much so, that I had initially thought of going only for level 1, but half way through, was already sure that would like to go for level two, too.

Chandraketu Jha

CTT is the place for anyone aspiring to be a coach with the right people to train and mentor you who are the best in the field . The interactive nature of the program provides everyone the comfort and confide to learn without any fear associated with it in a group. Kudos to Rajat and team.

Satheesan Edavath

The CTT programme was truly transformational for me. I went into the programme not sure how and if I really wanted to explore coaching and finished the programme being more self aware and with more clarity on what coaching is not. I also became clearer on how coaching can help transform my personal journey and how i can add more value to all around me

Gbemi Atimomo

Coaching across Cultures is a great topic to dive into for anyone! It is not just about different cultures in a geographical context (countries), but also culture at a team, organization and individual level (even within the same geography). This course provides a simple, yet comprehensive framework to understand and frame these cultural differences and thus, be more aware or sensitive to these while coaching. I found the learnings relevant to the context of coaching, inter-personal communication, team work and personal interactions.Professor Philippe is knowledgeable, humble and made the session interactive and fun!

Aanchal Grover

Developing coaching culture is a topic which was unfolded in a very interactive way which saw many dimensions and areas which needs to be linked to developing coaching culture. It was a very engaging and fruitful session

Sandeep Gaidhani

Until the first class, I did have some remnant of doubts on my part. The introductory course cleared the last bits of unsureness, and the journey began, a journey of self-discovery. All my questions or most of them got answered in the whole of the course period. The answers did not come from direct questioning rather subtly from within. I found my answers through the coaching classes, and that was massive empowerment for me. I have tried out some coaching intro classes before, but CTT offers more than just the process; they initiate a lifelong journey of curiosity about the self. And I think this reason alone is enough for me to recommend CTT to others.

Mugilarasi Arasarethinam

“The primary reason why I chose CTT for my PCC credentials, was because of my awareness about Rajat Garg.I found the atmosphere at the Sunday sessions, very energizing – there was no pressure, no fixed agendas (it seemed), yet great learning outcomes were achieved.This was the unique part of the training – the agenda for each class was structured loosely to flow with the needs of the coaches, yet cover the designated areas related to coach competencies.
The learnings got further cemented by the peer coaching practice sessions, and implementing the same with real client situations, between 2 classes.
As months passed, I noticed a significant shift in my understanding of the core competencies & markers for PCC level. I could live & breathe the concept of coaching presence & truly imbibed the concept of “BEING” a coach. These were the true aha moments for me, during the journey…
Overall, I would describe the experience of the training at CTT as Transformational….it was almost like being coached for 4 months at a stretch. It helped me go deeper into self-awareness, as a coach & as a person, and that I think was another significant takeaway. I would certainly recommend CTT as a go to coach training institute, due to its impactful design & delivery, so true to the coaching philosophy- of being so much focused on the client needs!

Illa Bhan

I Have no words and CTT had made a huge impact on my personal and professional life.The diverse mix of the group,webinar sessions and electives were simply superb.

Shathish Kumar, USA

Being a part of the CTT Level 1 Coach Training Programme was an enriching experience. The thought-provoking sessions allowed for so much exchange of information between all participants, there was never a dull moment. The sessions helped us learn from each other and also reflect and apply our learnings. The Peer to Peer Coaching sessions are a great way to apply the techniques we learnt during the three hour sessions each week. It has definitely left me feeling very confident of my decision to follow my dream of being a coach!

Priyancka Dastur Deshmukh, India

Ctt is a wonderful platform for people planning to start coaching and making coaching a part of their life. Self development is also one of the best things I have learnt during the coaching sessions

Aishwarya Poolapalli, Singapore

CTT sessions were very useful for me to understand the basics of coaching process. The AAA process being taught and we getting trained on the same was a great experience and would like to further develop myself in this journey of Coaching

Yogesh Nakhwa, India

Wonderful journey of self discovery. Loved the structure of the program which made learning enjoyable.

Waruni Jayawardhane, Sri Lanka

My learning experience on coaching with Coach to transformation was very rewarding, it exceeded my expextations in content and quality of presentation and participation. Am grateful

Bertina Bamgbose, Nigeria

CTT Is a great platform to start your coaching journey.. The coaches, the team here are amazing and they through their behavior teach how one transform into caoch in one’s own life. My journey has been so beautiful… 14 weeks and I have changed so much… Unbelievable…. I would highly recommend CTT

Shweta Sibal, UAE

With so many institutions offering ICF certified courses, it was the initial supportive and unbiased discussions that I had with the coaches that made the difference. As classes went by, there was more I learning about myself, becoming more vulnerable and addressing those dark unlit passages in my life with more courage and the support of my peers. While I came into the program looking for a way to enhance my training career and passion in counselling, the impact and learning I will take away from it all about myself is far more valuable than anything I could have imagined. Thank you.

Rafia Ali, India

It has been great learning about self and learning how to add value to others at large.

Preobroto Ganguly, India

After the session and the graduated learning I am more at peace with myself. My perceptiveness has improved and I also understand it is a continuous process of improvement.

Dilip Jain, India

CTT level one programme for budding Coaches is simply a superb programme if a person wants to be an outstanding coach. The programme would not only provide you with the entire tool kit for coaching but come with a great self realization where you would really know who you are and what you are up to? In my opinion it is not only preparing you to become an excellent coach but to become the best version of self.

Upul Dissanayaka, Sri Lanka

CTT provided great platform for people from diversifief backgroud learning togethere, sharing the knowleage and understand coaching more from ICF perspective. It is an amazing learning jorney.

Michellee Gao, Thailand

I was a participant in the April 2021 batch of CTT. It was a wonderfully interactive and learning experience. The entire program was carefully designed and delivered effectively to address the Learning Needs of each participant. Thanks a lot to Team CTT.

Ayan Banerji, India

The program is pragmatic and transformative, geared towards maximizing one’s potential

Peter Edore, Nigeria

The Coaching journey with CTT was amazing. I witnessed the transformation within my self and look forward to use this new insights to assist many others.

Mayura Fernando, Sri Lanka

I recommend partnering with CTT on your journey of coaching. The mentors are reliable and accompany you to bring out what coaching is/could be for you. I entered this journey to learn the ‘skill’ of coaching and learnt a lot more about myself! It is a journey of self-discovery.

Sangita Padiyar, India

I must say that I really loved the program. Every class and peer coaching was thought provoking. I see myself transformed in this 14 weeks of journey. I feel more aware now which makes me feel very excited about everything around me. I feel more present. Reading was always a problem with me earlier and now its not, I am very consistent in reading. My peers asked powerful questions in the class which also helped me a lot to learn quickly about different situations. Arvind did a great job in creating my coaching mindset. One word feeling for him : AWESOME. Thank you Arvind, Sridhar and CTT team

Hritika Bhagat, India

The journey of learning with coach to transform has been one of the most fulfilling and engaging experience for both coaching and self awareness. The approach to make an individual self reliant is commendable, it’s what makes us strong and confident individual both personally and professionally. I would like to congratulate the whole team to build such a culture and ethos for the organization. This is what would help us take the world and individuals forward to a path for optimising their potential and satisfaction.

Shikha Shringi, India

If you are looking at coaching as a profession, your Buck should stop with Rajat Garg. He is a seasoned professional and such a thorough individual. It has been a pleasure to go through my PCC journey with him and my amazing peers.

Ribu, India

Thank you for transforming me as a professional , person and a coach. This course has helped me have better conversations with people around me and simply made me more calmer and curious in my person.

Aishwarya Hariharan, India

This was an awesome journey to undertake the PCC program, and which led to a personal and professional coaching transformational experience, acquired through the hands-on approach of the faculty, the involvement and commitment of the course participants, who regularly provided diverse value adding insights. There was no dull moment. Personally, I have become an evolved person, and professional coach, and the evolution process continues. I recommend the program to any serious candidate who is looking for value for money and time invested for the PCC program.

Samson Umurhurhu, Nigeria

“I really enjoyed getting mentored by Rajat. It was a transformational experience.
Rajat’s unassuming attitude along with demonstrating the coaching process in whatever query once has is his edge. Rajat’s supportive nature along with subtly
nudging you by letting you know the areas that you need to work on, was the key.
Rajat challenged me and took me through a journey of managing
myself and understanding the ICF Core competencies, in-depth.
It has given me at most confidence as a coach and relieved me from the process of preparation before every coaching session. It has in fact given me a weapon of
how to truly be in service of the client, not just in words but truly working on
myself. I would always make this comment, of “”””Being there, but not there””””.
I realize it is there, not for me but for the client, and that Rajat has
nudged me to implement, step by step. Thank you Rajat. Indebted. Regards, Preetha “

Preetha Balakrishnan, India

Very good program. Well paced to provide an enduring learning experience. Class was very diverse and rich

Osa Osawa, Nigeria

This program has been life changing for me. It has allowed me to discover a new part of myself and given me clarity on my way ahead

Sayan Bandyopadhyay, India


(Frequently Asked Questions)

As per ICF 2017 survey, 77% of coaches and 86% of respondents expect coaches to be certified or hold a credential. Certification accredited by ICF increases credibility and acceptance as a Coach.
ICF (International Coach Federation) is one of the largest not for profit Coach Certification body of global repute.
ACTP or ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is an ICF pathway to becoming an accredited Coach. The ACTP coaching is your pathway to an ACC or PCC certification.
The ACTP Coach Training Program is an internationally recognised coach training program. Getting ICF credentials builds credibility to your coaching Career.
The ACTP pathway is for you if you are:

  • Professionals who wish to embark upon a career in coaching and get accredited as a coach
  • Executives and professionals who want to take their current coaching and potential building capabilities to the next level.
  • People Managers and Human Resource Professionals.
  • Leaders, Start-up founders and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their business and interpersonal skills by leveraging their coaching skills
Through ICF’s Accredited Coach Training Program, Coach-To-Transformation helps aspiring coaches to build the skills and confidence needed to acquire an ICF Accreditation. Coach-To-Transformation works hand in hand with you to help you gain confidence and get certified as a coach.

  1. Our small batches, help in building trust and make the entire journey extremely experiential in nature. Every batch has a minimum of two mentor coaches as well as experienced and renowned visiting faculty.
  2. We provide unlimited mentor coaching hours and ensure that our participants complete their accreditation journey with ICF.
  3. Our candidates get access to mentor coaching and learning modules of Coach-To-Transformation. Participants can come back and refresh their coaching training by joining any of the ongoing batches.
  4. We provide ongoing learning through webinars where we invite global leaders and coaches to support our coaches in their journey, free of cost.
  5. All in all, our desire is to create and support coaches, not just provide them with a certification.
Yes, you can enrol for the ACTP Coaching. Send us and email and we will connect with you.
Sign up for the Level 1 and Level 2 courses together and we’ll connect with you to get your ACTP Coach Training, rolling.
Check our training calendar here to sign up
All payments to be made in advance. All payments are non-refundable if the participant chooses to opt-out of the ACTP Coach Training program. All payments will be refunded in case Coach-To-Transformation decides to cancel the training.

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– We hope we have answered all your queries and we’d like to partner with you on your
ACTP Coach Training. To sign up check our training calendar


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