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Impact Coaching Program - Coach-To-Transformation

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Huge Steps Forward.

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Impact Coaching Program

The Need for Coaching

Coaching is a journey that focuses on taking a huge step forward in the personal
development of individuals.

  • 79.4%

    students reported that they prefer to work with managers who have coaching skills*

  • 80%

    of people who receive coaching report increased self

  • >70%

    people benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective
    communication skills**

*Survey by Coach-to-Transformation **ICF Global Coaching Client Study Final Report June 2009

Impact Coaching Program - Our Pro Bono Coaching for Nonprofits

The Impact Coaching Program is a pro bono coaching initiative by Coach-To-Transformation. Coach-To-Transformation conducts coaching programs at organizations promoting a cause, aiming to enhance their work culture. We provide evidence-based coaching and conduct deep research to deliver data-driven coaching with tangible results.

We build strong relationships by delivering tangible, long-term, and meaningful value throughout and beyond the coaching lifecycle, bringing about an overall positive transformation in our beneficiaries’ lives.

Why Pro Bono Coaching?

Our Pro Bono Coaching Services aim to reach out to society and work towards overall societal development. Our Pro Bono Coaching sessions intend to transform the lives of all who need coaching and guidance to help them achieve their goals, whether individuals, organizations, or individuals within an organization.

With the help of skilled and certified coaching experts, we aim to remove all societal barriers and provide equal growth opportunities to individuals unable to avail themselves of coaching services. Bringing about a positive transformation in individuals’ personal and professional lives is ultimately what we strive for.

  • Educational Coaching

  • Corporates supporting
    not-for-profit initiatives

  • NGO’s

  • Government

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Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation

At Coach-To-Transformation, we believe knowledge is empowerment. Our coaching services are designed to bring about personal as well as organizational development.

We provide guidance to young professionals worldwide through our 1000+ network of industry leaders and coaches. It is to help them bring their unique style of working and fresh perspective to the table.

Our Aim:

to create a nurturing environment that helps people
reach their full potential

Our Impact Coaching Program interventions help participants:

  • Unlock their true potential and make the most of emerging trends and opportunities

  • Gain moral support and encouragement to solve problems in order to set and achieve their goals

  • Challenge themselves to raise their bars and make best use of their capabilities

How does Impact Coaching Program Work?

Our coaching sessions are based on two factors: technology and evidence-based research. These are complemented by the proficiency of our coaching experts who promote thought leadership through our sessions.

Rather than finding a solution for our coachees, we guide our coachees to reach their own solutions. This is more empowering and brings a transformational shift in individuals. Entire coaching Journey of an individual is tracked by our proprietary software which helps individuals to schedule their sessions as well as assess impact of coaching on self.

We continue to impart coaching wisdom even after the formal engagements through our webinars, research reports, and blogs.

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about a positive transformation!

Creating An Impact

The coaching sessions helped us gain insight and answer the most fundamental questions we had. The mentors were able to understand our problems and issues we were facing in our personal as well as professional lives.

– IIT Bombay Students

Over 600 students from IIT Bombay have attended our coaching sessions and have reported to have a wonderful and meaningful interactive experience with the coaching mentors.

With a vision to reach out to society and uplift lives, especially of the less privileged, we empower all our learners to be their best through discovery, growth, and self-actualization.

At Coach-To-Transformation, we use positive psychology to leave our coaches empowered at the end of the coaching journey. The introspection and self-examination during the coaching conversation leads to a shift in an individual or organization’s belief creating an impactful transformation.

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What Our Impact Coaches Say

I think I was fortunate to be a part of the pro-bono project for IIT students. I always believe
that youth are the backbone of our future world and bringing clarity to their thought process
would help them to drive in the right direction. It was quite an experience for me to
witness the eagerness and the desire to explore the potential in their careers.
It was indeed very satisfying to see the shift in students after the coaching conversation.
I always look forward to a youth coaching project like this one.

Availing Impact Coaching Program Services

Availing our Impact Coaching Program Services is really easy! Here is how
it is done in three simple steps:

  • 01

    Organizations/institutions register to arrange for coaching sessions

  • 02

    Our experienced and credentialed coaches conduct multiple sessions based on individual needs

  • 03

    Each individual gets
    a one-on-one coaching session

Benefits of Impact Coaching Program

  • With our coaching sessions, we aim to provide our
    coaches not only with a safe space to be heard but also
    help them to understand the process of coaching and
    how it helps bring about transformation in their lives

  • Coachees benefit from the pro bono coaching services
    offered by the team of certified and experienced coaches
    from diverse industry and business backgrounds

  • Organizations/institutions’ specific needs and issues
    are addressed through our customizable
    coaching programs

  • With consent of the institutions, we acknowledged
    them in our research papers

Mentors have a way of seeing
more of our faults than we would
like. It’s the only way we grow”

- Filmmaker and auteur George Lucas

Our experienced mentors/coaches provide encouragement and hope in the form of distilled and reliable knowledge from their rich experience.

Our skilled and certified coaches guide charitable organizations in bringing about positive transformation in people’s lives. It thus helps them prepare for a better future, and in the process creates a brand value for the organization.

Our initiatives cut across sections of the society and align individuals to embark upon personal and professional journeys to achieve their goals. We intend to create an impact through revolutionized coaching in over 25 countries by 2022.

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