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What Is Transition Coaching?

“I am not what happens to me, I am what I choose to become!” – Carl Jung. Transition coaching is a creative process of making the most out of the change. A process where your coach and you can collaborate and create a clear vision for the future. Business leaders, Organizations of all sizes or start-ups interested in finding a new direction for their organization, organizational restructuring, upskilling their talent, internal Job posting, or any job transfers can opt for career transition coaching. Transition of any sort can be overwhelming for employees and providing them support in these times in form of a Career Transition Coach can be a great deal of assistance. Some of the aspects covered in Career Transition Coaching Services are overcoming stress, looking at opportunities, overcoming procrastination, creating a vision-mission and value for self, developing emotional quotient and managing the transition with a plan of action.

Benefits Of Transition Coaching

Transition can be voluntary or involuntary for an employee or Organization and could be of various types such as organizational restructuring, transfer of location or change in job role. Career Transition Coaching Services offered by Coach-To-Transformation has multiple benefits to both individuals and organizations:

  • Smooth and
    easy transition
    of individuals in
    new roles &

  • Optimise
    through effective

  • Create a talent
    pool and pipe-line

  • Create workforce
    alignment towards
    Organizational Goals

  • Develop Emotional

  • Talent management
    and Talent

  • Corporate

Who Can Benefit From Transition Coaching?

  • Anyone undergoing a change in career, location, culture, department can enrol for Transition Coaching.
  • Anyone who foresees to join a new team or assignment or project can look at Career Coaching. Organizations going through mergers, acquisitions, organizational restructuring, cross functional changes, upskilling, fast paced growth can definitely consider Transition coaching for its employees.

What To Expect From Transition Coaching

Organizations go through transitions may it be mergers, acquisitions, restructuring or lay-offs. A major change in your professional career at any point could be challenging. Your Career Transition coach will help you:

  • Understand and accept the change
    Support you on your path of discovery and letting go of the past and welcome what is in store for you
  • Map your existing capabilities and competencies to what is expected from your new role
  • Analyse the gap and help you discover your potential to cover those gaps
  • Prepare an action plan for you to navigate through the transition smoothly

How To Pick The Right Transition Coach?

Stage 1 – Understanding the Change – Tri party discussion with the Coachee, Supervisor and Career Transition Coach
Stage 2 – One -to-one coaching to

Face what’s ending
Understand strengths and opportunities
Preparing for the new beginning (a detailed action plan to face the change)

Stage 3 – Aligning the change and the plan to have a vision for the future Duration – Basis the number of employees to be coached this journey can entail one-to-one coaching sessions or group coaching and would typically include 4 to 6 sessions spread over 4 to 6 months. However, it can be customized based on individual requirements.

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation’s Transition Coaching Services?

Coach-To-Transformation provides:

  • The most suitable coach based on the organization requirement from its carefully curetted pool of >1000 global credentialed coaches.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of your needs and well-articulated outcome
  • Effective trackers to track the progress
  • Engagement details of coaching journey available at a click
  • Measurable results to weigh the coaching impact
  • Coaching engagement can be carried out with individuals or in group sessions



In the event your Organization is going through rapid changes or growth where a lot of talent needs restructuring or alignment you definitely need a career transition coach. Organizations with a high amount of attrition, acquisition or merger also require a career transition coach.
Certainly, a career transition coach can help the employee gain clarity on what is missing or needed and the employee will be in a better position to understand his capabilities and interest.
such as change in job role, responsibility, location, organization, department and Career transition coaching can help and support all of these.
Career Transition coaching helps the employee understand the need for transition and helps him/her gather clarity on the need for change, benefits from the change, alignment to the new role, and helping the Organization in having an engaged and productive employee.

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At Coach-to-transformation we understand every Organization is unique and so are its people and their needs. All our Coaching Programs are completely customisable and can be curated around your specific issues and time at hand.

We are happy and passionate about having a coaching conversation.
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