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What Is Performance Coaching?

Regardless of if you are a start-up or a SME or a Fortune 500 Organization, Performance Coaching is aimed at improving individual and team performance thereby impacting the Organization’s overall performance. Performance Coaching Services by Coach-To-Transformation challenges the limiting beliefs in a supporting manner to have individuals perform at their maximum potentials and optimise on their team’s performance. It helps create a culture for feedback and feedforward to enable and empower high performance and amplify impact on growth.

Why Do We Need Performance Coaching?

Teams should focus their energies on external challenges and making the end customer experience better. Capitalising on the market, mapping effective strategies, planning, goal setting, excellence in execution, enhancing creativity and the list can be never ending. If in turn your teams’ energies are getting sucked in solving internal issues, if your teams or organizations are struggling with targets and performance or collaboration and support, Performance Coaching can help.

Performance Coaching Can Help:

  • Unleash your
    team’s untapped

  • Build a high

  • Seeing the
    big picture

  • Creativity,
    collaboration and
    Improved interpersonal

  • Easier conflict

  • Understanding
    Individual and collective
    ownership and

  • Optimum
    productivity and

  • Adapting to change
    with each other’s

Benefits Of Performance Coaching

Coach-To-Transformation provides Performance Coaching Services using internal mapping to find the most suitable Performance Coach for you. Benefits of Performance Coaching are many wherein it can help individuals:

  • Improve individual

  • Better conflict
    handling skills

  • Build high
    performing teams

  • Improved team

  • Improves employee
    retention and

  • Creates a culture
    of trust

  • Establish a
    culture for

  • Builds agility and

Who Can Benefit From Performance Coaching?

Individuals and Teams willing to go that extra mile and create strong High-Performance teams.

Who Can Benefit From Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching usually spans over 6 months but can be customized based on individual requirements. It includes various stages as below:

  • Understanding current state
  • Defining the desired stage
  • Group Coaching (For team coaching)
  • Individual Coaching – (for individuals)
  • Sustainable and measurable action plan.



Coach-To-Transformation has both these options available in performance coaching, basis the level or the employee being coached or the Organizational need we can select either of the two modalities.
The effectiveness of coaching on individuals is proved and stated through various case studies and surveys, coaching is equally effective within teams and cross functional teams as it increases self-awareness and understanding of others. Thus individual as well as Team coaching leads to better coordination and collaboration in-turn resulting in improved work output and Organisational effectiveness.
The choice of the coaching should be based on an individual’s objective of being coached. If the objective is enhancement of leadership competencies one should go for Leadership Coaching and if the objective is being successful in the current role and optimising performance the choice should be performance coaching.
For best results we recommend about 8 – 10 coaching sessions
There is some self-work that has to be done between 2 sessions and hence we recommend a gap of 30 days in between sessions.

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At Coach-to-transformation we understand every Organization is unique and so are its people and their needs. All our Coaching Programs are completely customisable and can be curated around your specific issues and time at hand.

We are happy and passionate about having a coaching conversation.
Please contact us for further details.


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