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Level 3 - Master Coach Certification: Apply to become an ICF credentialed MCC coach

What is ICF’s Level 3 (formally known as MCC) Program?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), a renowned international coaching body offers the Level 3 Program (formerly known as MCC) to aspiring coaches who wish to enhance their expertise and become an ICF Master Certified Coach. Master Coach Certification is the highest level of accreditation, offered by the ICF.

An accredited Master Coach, just like a Master Craftsman, is very experienced and highly skilled. Coaches with MCC Credentials are known to be catalysts – who use their experience of MCC coaching to create genuine and authentic connections. They accelerate learning and help their clients reach their highest potential. Coaching process within an MCC coaching Program is extremely personalised.

An ICF Level 3 – MCC (Master Certified Coach) is confident in herself/ himself as well as believes the process of coaching. A Master Coach coach partners with the client in the coaching relationship as the connection established between the two is deep. Master Coach propels the client to find deeper contact with his shadow and light sides – making the process of Master Coach training uncanny. The ICF Master certified coach can often uncover truths that have eluded the client for a long time.

We at Coach-To-Transformation partner with Coaches and leaders on this complex yet fulfilling journey to becoming an MCC or a Master Certified Coach. Our Level 3 Training program takes coaches through an experiential journey that allows them to delve deeper into themselves. The Level 3 training helps coaches to learn the profound impact of listening without judgement as well as learning to trust their client’s intuition and intelligence.

Advantages of Level 3 - MCC Program

Level 3 Program allows one to become an ICF Master Certified Coach is the highest level of certification offered by ICF. Coaches rises above the ‘what’ and focuses only on the ‘who’ of the client.

The connection of an MCC or Master Certified Coach with a client is deep and complete. The changes brought about tend to be permanent making the process of MCC coaching deep, authentic and fulfilling.

The Level 3 training is not just about achieving a Master Coach certification but a journey in self-exploration as well. This MCC credentialing process allows the master coach trainee to connect to his/her own gifts as well as limiting beliefs and patterns. Becoming an MCC / Master Coach is a process of self- discovery and heightened awareness for the trainee. Level 3 Program helps coaches to develop an ability to challenge themselves as well as others to achieve their highest potential.

Requirements for an individual to avail ICF's Level 3 Program

The Level 3 training program is a thorough and in-depth journey, making it imperative for participants to be committed. The Level 3 program needs at least 6 months of Master Coach training, mentor coaching, peer coaching and self-study. To Complete Coach-To-Transformation’s Level 3 Training Program, candidates need to necessarily complete the following:

  • 200 hours of

  • 10 hours of

  • 2,500 hours
    (2,200 paid hours)
    of coaching experience
    with at least 35 clients

  • Performance evaluation
    (two audio recordings and
    written transcripts of coaching

Program Details of Level 3 Program

The Level 3 Training Program is provided virtually through online sessions making it free of any geographic constraints. Coach-To-Transformation’s Level 3 Program includes Mentor coaching, Group Coaching, Peer Coaching and finally evaluation of live coaching sessions, making it the ideal pathway for gaining the Master Coach Certification.

Coach-To-Transformation’s Level 3 training Program is 6 months
long and includes:

  • 35 hours of classroom sessions over 6 months

  • 6 hours of Triads over 6 months

  • 6 hours of Mentor Coaching over 3 months

  • 15 hours of peer coaching over 6 months and

  • 6 hours of assignments

Modules for Master Coach
Certification (MCC) Program:

Participants will uncover the below (but not limited to) during the Level 3 (MCC) Training Program:

  • Moving from PCC to MCC

  • Believing in the process

  • Discover the coach in you

  • Journey from ‘What’ to ‘Who’

  • ICF Competencies Deep Dive

  • Discover the Client

  • Working with Client - part I

  • Working with Client - part II

  • Competency Mastery

  • Demo Coaching sessions

  • Practicing MCC - I

  • Practicing MCC - II

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation to become a Master Certified Coach?

Coach-To-Transformation is an equal partner to Coaches who desire to undergo MCC credentialing and become an ICF Master Certified coach. Our MCC Cohorts include work through synchronous and asynchronous Master Coach training, live coaching, peer and mentor coaching enabling coaches working on MCC credentialing to reach a deeper level of self-awareness and coaching. Our Level 3 – MCC Training Program helps:

  • Coaches move from a “What” to a completely “Who” perspective

  • This Level 3 – MCC journey enables participants to embrace themselves as a coach

  • We, during Level 3 – MCC Program, work to help participants deepen their intuition and connection with a client, helping them create a trust in new and mutual state of awareness that can only arise in the moment and out of joint conversation

  • The MCC training program teaches Master coaches (MCC), how to be a self-observer of their own coaching

  • MCC credentialing also enables participants to work with peers from various cultures and countries across the globe

  • Coach-To-Transformation supports its ICF master certified coach even post achievement of their accreditation. We support all our master coaches (MCC) with life- long access to Master Coach training resources.

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We hope you are ready to embark on your Level 3 Training with Coach-To-Transformation.
To sign up check our training calendar here


    The center of our universe-our students OR our coaches. Here is why they like us

    Rajat Garg has been my mentor coach for MCC credentialing. Rajat excels at the skill of creating a safe and trusting environment during the feedback and mentoring sessions. He is a non-judgemental mentor and helps you learn leveraging your own style. He also listens to you patiently and nudges you to think from varied perspectives. His feedback is always constructive and has an approach of self-discovery with a purpose to make your learning impactful. Rajat has helped me to hone my skills as a coach.   

    Manbir Kaur, Professionally Certified Executive and Leadership Coach

    I really enjoyed being in Rajat’s/ CTT’s pioneer MCC class. the six of us, all ladies formed a unique batch, embracing a common vision, willing to stretch and support one another. the experience of this journey was priceless. the weekly sessions with Rajat as our teacher/mentor with his nuggets of learnings was magical. enjoyed the learning and support tremendously. thank you Rajat and CTT.

    Frances Penafort, ICF MCC, Malaysia

    It’s very difficult for me to write a testimonial for Rajat or CTT as they mean so much to me that words fail me. Rajat speaks very less, but whenever he did in class, I was awestruck as to why couldn’t I think of it that way. The learning experience was awesome, so rich and meaningful, that I derived more than I could imagine. Rajat, Arvind, my peers and CTT are my family and extremely dear to me. They are always available with such warmth and depth, that it overwhelms me.
    Good luck Rajat and CTT and may you reach new heights every moment. Extremely honoured to have been your student. Thank you

    Anuradha Sant

    My MCC journey was memorable and transformational at the same time. Our MCC cohort was a diverse group with different cultures and lot of coaching experience. I used to really look forward to our classroom learnings with Rajat and peer coaching sessions with the cohort. Rajat is an excellent mentor coach who will work individually with the learners and work to enhance and elevate their coaching style rather than prescribe one. For me, the shift came when I started believing I am a good coach. As subtle and simple it may sound but this belief helped me get better at my coaching skill

    Sujata Barla, ICF MCC , India



    ICF’s Master Coach Certification program is the highest level of Coach Accreditation available through the ICF. MCC Program is ideal for Coaches who want to take their coaching competencies to a higher level.
    Usually MCC Program candidates would have achieved a PCC certification prior to applying for becoming ICF master certified coach. Yes, a PCC credential is a desirable but not a necessary requirement for pursuing ICF Master Coach Certification course.
    • if you are looking to work at a deeper level with yourself and your clients.
    • if you wish to raise your coaching standards and work at the level of ‘Who’ rather than ‘What’
    • if you wish to make a larger impact on your clients’ lives by becoming a catalyst for change.
    • if you have achieved a PCC certification and you want to work at more profound levels of impact.
    Coach-To-Transformation’s MCC training is an in-depth and experiential process, spear-headed by accomplished faculty members. CTT also continues to support all its coaches post certification, lifetime free access to all webinars and repeated course programs.
    Yes, you can enrol for the MCC Training Program. Send us and email and we will connect with you.
    Check our MCC Program training calendar here to sign up.
    All payments for MCC Program are to be made in advance. All payments are non-refundable if the participant chooses to opt-out of the MCC (Master Certified Coach) program. All payments will be refunded in case Coach-To-Transformation decides to cancel the Master Coach Certification Program.
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