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Coach-To-Transformation was formed with a conscious aim of delivering ‘transformation’ through coaching. Welcome to Coach-To-Transformation — an Indian global leadership coaching organization with a footprint in 11 geographies aiming to expand to 25 countries by 2022. We are into coach training and coaching in corporate organizations with a strong research and technology arm.

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About us

  • What is our core?

    Coach-To-Transformation was built on the tenets of responsibility, integrity, compassion and community-building. Our entire team lives and breathes these values by becoming partners in your coaching journey, thereby helping you thrive and grow. Our global presence and exposure has helped us develop an intrinsic understanding of the trust that the participants place in us and the resultant responsibility that comes with it. We maintain utmost levels of integrity and our compassion towards Coaching as a means to drive change, helps us build and give back to the community we inherit.

  • Who we are?

    Coach-To-Transformation is a home-grown Coaching company playing on the global level. Our motto is to invoke self-awareness, unleash true personal and professional potential by unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership. It was formed by Master Certified Leadership coaches Rajat Garg and Sujata Barla as a culmination to the search for their calling.

  • What we do?

    Since its inception, Coach-To-Transformation has followed its dream-goal to be a local global company taking an undiluted and unwavering footing as an established part of the Coaching eco-system in the country. In-line with the gold standards set by the industry body – The International Coach Federation (ICF), we offer leadership coaching services, coach-as-a-service, coach training programs and systemic team coaching sessions. This is our way of making an impact on the global coaching community through alignment of value and by representing India well on the global level.

How we do it?

Coaching for us is about transformation and not transaction. A coaching relationship with our clients and students takes deep-roots by bringing our intent-to-help to life. We do this by delivering tangible, long term and meaningful value throughout and beyond a coaching lifecycle. And, this we believe sets us apart – our intent and action to make a sustained difference.

We adopt a four pronged approach to achieve this:

Research forms a strong foundation of the work that we do in the field of Coaching. We feel humbly proud of being perhaps the first-ever organization in the country to undertake research in the field of coaching, enabling us to create a bigger impact in what we do. This is possible by unearthing trends and under-currents of the industry through our extensive explorations and study. This also helps us position ourselves strategically and to craft our courses according to the expectations and directions the market takes. If you would like to receive regular updates on our research and findings, you may click here.

Over years of research and experience, we have built plug and play products which organizations can use to minimise operational challenges. Our Coaching-related technology offerings are built to facilitate superior customer experience. With adoption of our technology platforms, enterprises are able to achieve key result areas and become future-proof.


(Coach-As-A Service) is a proprietary tool, used to track the coaching journey of an individual. Meant for both Coach as well as coachees, CAS makes it easier to keep track of the progress of the coaching journey and stores relevant information safely. This technology which has been developed inhouse by us helps both parties to stay updated with any information needed which is available at their fingertips.

Learning Management System

Also, an indigenous solution, is a central repository of all our learning resources that helps our coach training participants in their journey.

Enhance Me

This is a platform connecting coaches across the world which helps build a connect, making reaching to other coaches across the globe easier and faster.

India’s rich culture and heritage has been widely recognized and accepted across the globe. It’s all-encompassing, strong and diverse nature is testimony to its various interesting aspects. Being a true-blue Indian organization having a seat at the global table, our path to success has us weave-in Indian-ness into our value proposition. We have brought in unique Indian concepts like yoga and Coaching to our offerings, pushing our thought-leadership and distinctiveness further.

Credentials play an important role in establishing authenticity and legitimacy. Over at Coach-To-Transformation we thrust on having certifications and credentials across the organization. Rajat Garg, the founder himself is a Master Certified Leadership coach with 20+ years of industry experience and over 2500 hours of coaching experience. The pertinence on certifications is a top-down approach. Our entire team is a well-credentialed set of individuals, unique in their own ways, tied to the common goal of achieving transformation through coaching.

To get to know our team better you may click here.

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