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Effective Mentoring Program and Mentor Training Program

  • Imagine if you were trained to be a Mentor....

  • Imagine if you did not have to discover mentoring on your own after being put in the role...

  • Imagine if you could have difficult conversations with your associates with ease...

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is an essential leadership skill in today’s corporate world. Mentoring is more than just a benevolent form of sharing what you know. It’s an art which goes beyond just the world of sharing experiences. It helps moulding the associates for their growth and development. It is a collaborative Mentor Mentee relationship that most often happens between a junior and a senior employee. Perseverance as a mentor plays an active role in the development and management of emerging leaders. Performance conversations is essential in building a strong relation. But a disconnect exists in reality due to lack of continuous performance conversations:

Surface level reasons:

  • I don’t want to
    demotivate them
    as they are under
    pressure already

  • I am not good
    at handling the
    employee reaction

  • I don’t
    have time

  • I don’t want to
    damage our

  • I am not sure
    ‘How to’

Deeper Realities:

  • Lack of self
    awareness about
    self and others

  • Lack of acceptance
    and comfort with

  • Not being
    confident of
    who they are

  • Internal disconnect
    with the organizational

  • Lack of

  • Insecurities
    Nurturing talent

What is Effective Mentoring program?

Effective Mentoring Program is a structured program developed by Coach-To- Transformation to help Managers hone the skills necessary for mentoring. Effective Mentoring program addresses the deeper realities behind avoiding performance conversations. It enables Managers to practice key mentoring competencies, develop their unique mentoring style, discover the essentials of mentoring and mentoring approaches, alongside challenges and pitfalls to avoid.

Benefits of Effective Mentoring Program:

  • Trained and
    Effective Mentors

  • Build emerging

  • Highly engaged

  • Retain top

  • Positive impact in
    the organizational

Why Choose Coach-To-Transformation’s
Effective Mentoring Program?

  • Structured approach
    to mentoring

  • Effective learning
    model to mentoring

  • Supervision of mentors
    by experienced

  • Involves deep work
    with managers

Effective Mentoring Program Details

Program will comprise of below modules:
  • Introduction
    to self

  • Aligning with

  • Skills to

  • Developing
    mentor mentee

Who Should enroll for Effective
Mentoring Program?

  • New

  • Employees planned
    to be promoted to
    people management

  • Managers who find
    difficult to have
    performance conversations

Coach-To-Transformation’s Methodology of Effective Mentoring Program

Combination of Skill Building, Behavioral Interventions and Individual Coaching
  • Face to Face

  • Workshops

  • Assignments

  • Supervision


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Coach-To-Transformation’s Effective Mentoring Program is to help managers hone the skills necessary for mentoring. Managers who are new to people development role or existing managers who want to refine their mentoring skills will benefit from this program.
Coach-To-Transformation’s Effective Mentoring Program is highly customizable based on organization requirement. The duration of Effective Mentoring Program usually is 2-3 months.
Yes, Participants get a Certificate from Coach-To-Transformation on completion of Effective Mentoring program.

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