Effective Mentoring Program

In today’s corporate workplace, mentoring is an essential leadership skill. The role of a mentor is to share their experience to guide their mentee to higher levels of professional awareness and, ultimately greater performance. But how many mentors get the formal training required to carry out effective mentoring roles? They are asked to perform the role of mentors or simply find themselves in that role without any prior mentoring training.
Coach-To-Transformation’s Effective Mentoring Program gives employees the opportunity to explore the role of the mentor and to hone the skills necessary to mentor successfully. Our certified mentoring training program enables mentors to practice key mentoring competencies as well as develop their unique mentoring style.Discover the essentials of mentoring and mentoring approaches, alongside challenges and pitfalls to avoid. Managing and motivating people to learn, grow and become more effective in their jobs can be highly rewarding for both the mentee and mentor.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone who is currently involved in, or entering into mentoring and wishes to develop mentoring skills.

Learning Outcomes

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