Experience Transformation

Coaching invokes self-awareness and unleashes true personal and professional potential by unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Rajat Garg

Former Chairperson (ICF Global Enterprise Board), Leadership Coach, and Founder of Coach-To-Transformation

Rajat, Founder of Coach-To-Transformation, is a Master Certified Leadership Coach with 20+ years of industry experience. In this video, he talks about the power of coaching and how it helps inspire both people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness.

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Elevate leadership skills and abilities to achieve greater goals. 

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Accomplish great things through a collaborated effort

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Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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What Our Clients Have to Say?

  • VP
     Improved awareness and ability to name the emotions that I am going thru.  Improvement in listening skills that helps to respond, rather than react.
  • VP
    Spending more time with self. Spending more time to do things that are close to me or which gives me happiness. Try to gain more energy, reduce spend of energy. Moving from Urgent to Important to reduce last minute rush. Compromise by not insisting on Perfection. Allocate vs Do it yourself. Belief in others doing it over self do. Consciously accept – They are driving vs I am driving!
  • VP
    Coaching helped me to introspect a lot. What in the past was a race to execute, is now a designed process of reflection, option analysis and only then execution. It has definitely helped me to improve my emotional quotient. It has helped me to be far more balanced. I am investing more time with people and trying to be more inclusive. It has also helped me get a perspective of what must be happening in the minds of supervisors and help appreciate the crisis most of them undergo and not get personally involved in those situations.
  • Vice President
    I connect profoundly with the listening space that coach gave to me to share all by fears and aspirations freely. Over past several months I saw how the constraints imposed by my inner-most fears started to dismantle as I started to confront these fears. I am able to create more possibilities in many areas of my life where there were none. I find myself a lot more in action – and wasting no time! I learnt to go by instructions from the coach rather than by ‘reasons’ from my inner voice. My aspirations got new wings! My outlook towards my role and position is a lot more positive than how it was before. I find myself demanding extraordinary performance from my team, being more cordial with peers and seniors. There is now a possibility of taking expanded responsibilities while maintaining work-life balance.
    Vice President
    Technology MNC
  • Product Head (Largest eCommerce Company in India)
    "I was always skeptical about coaching and started with it without any expectations. However, my experience turned out to be very good - coaching was not gyaan-session that I thought it would be. It was more about discovering myself by asking right questions, with a well designed framework."
    Product Head (Largest eCommerce Company in India)
  • A Senior Leader and an INSEAD Alumnus
    Executive Coaching worked as a sounding board, and an indirect feedback mechanism, which brought about self-awareness, and helped me develop mindfulness in day-to-day activities. We all have some traits and characteristics, that influence how we perceive things, which may some times contort reality, and affect our response to situations. In order to change that; I understood that focusing on changing one’s personality traits does not work; however by understanding who you are, and why you do what you do, you can have strategies to deal with situations and alter your response to them. However this can be achieved only if you have present moment awareness. Rajat Garg as a Leadership Coach, helped me how to discover who you are and guided me on how to develop and live with awareness. It is a simple truth of life “you can address only those things that you are aware of” and often the simplest things in life are the hardest things to do…“
    A Senior Leader and an INSEAD Alumnus