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- May 11th 2022



Light on
Light off
Sitting standing floating sinking eating drinking starving stuffing motion
potion see-saw sing-song ping pong up down round and round
What a jumbled mind it is !!!

Searching can take us on a fantastic journey and leads us on to
wondrous discoveries ….. or not.

In the world self-help therapy, positivity is the keyword.
In the world of coaching, we are asked " what does positivity mean to you

So what I think matters? Mmmmmmm …..

This, dear reader, is when true discovery begins.
It is a complete revelation when we are confronted with the responsibility of being answerable to ourselves.
There are always so many thoughts racing through our minds and the emotions associated with these thoughts can be overwhelming.
We try to make sense of it all but often times it may not be the conclusion we want.

Coaching makes you the focus and yes,what you think matters. Infact ,
that is the most important aspect .  The current times dictate that every person has a voice and an opinion .

So if everyone is talking …. WHO IS LISTENING ??

The ability to listen is an artform. Having a person say your words back to you helps enormously to declutter one's thoughts.
Reactions vary, but frequently our words repeated to us sounds different and suddenly we have a heightened sense of awareness to the emotion associated with those words .

A huge Hhhmmmmmm settles in and the focus shifts, and just so
smoothly our thoughts have gained perspective. A sense of calm descends as we make sense of the situation. With this new found perspective we start implementing change, perhaps with gusto but surprisingly with more subtlety than you would have imagined.

Big changes require big actions is the mantra. Yes in certain instances it is applicable , but the human being is an amazing machine . It requires that self inspired moment to resonate within and suddenly change is actioned with the greatest ease. It is true and unique as you are and that is why it works for you . Just like that the power is in your hands and you have become the master of your destiny .

Coaching is a journey which is so unique and personal. The notion that we can be categorized or put in a box becomes laughable, as that was never our reality . The mere act of you stepping forward to be coached is indicative that deep within you, your being knows there is a better way for you to function as a person in order to face your challenges. Facing yourself is the most courageous thing you can do.

In order to face yourself, you have to begin the process that numerous religions have extolled, schools of philosophy have explored and countless discussions have had regarding the ultimate precept of
“Know Thyself”

And as such, dear reader is where coaching finally leads us ….the
the path from Obscurity to Clarity .

About the Author 

Anjani Mistry-Singh- South African National of Indian Ethnicity calling Lagos, Nigeria home for now.

Program Attended with CTT: ICF Coach Certification Program Level 1

Reason for taking this program: To become a Certified Coach

What worked for you : Having an interactive learning experience

What benefits you got : Been afforded the time and space to develop coaching skills


The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Coach-To-Transformation or its parent company.


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