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What’s with the curiosity?


- May 11th 2021



“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Can you imagine how would our world be today, if human beings weren’t curious beings?

I am curious!

The process of evolving from the pre-historic era (or even before that) to the world that we inhibit today is not due to our strengths, abilities or talents. These attributes certainly played a role but weren’t the primary reason for human advancement. The single most important attribute that set us apart and propelled us to create a better life through each phase of civilisation is Curiosity. It’s that innate ability to question and being inquisitive that led us to embark on a journey of limitless exploration.

Whether one wants to call it an emotion, a behaviour or a trait, curiosity is that key element, that has been the divisive force behind civilisation and the progress that humans have made. It ignited an unquenchable thirst within us to learn, ask, seek, inquire and reflect.

But sadly, curiosity has also been killed by us, the human beings. How? Because we also created assumptions. Remember, as a child, we had endless questions. Those curious eyes wandered around, looking at everything in amazement with no inhibitions or any pre-conceived notions, only armoured with curiosity. That distinctive zeal, which in hindsight feels like it’s only endowed upon children, has been the most organic and natural process of evolution. Why did we stop? What stopped us from being the curious cat we were?

Come to think of it, we stopped asking questions because we were told to ‘keep quiet and just learn’.

What went terribly wrong here is that we didn’t realise that learning is fuelled by curiosity. Curiosity is the pre-cursor that enables us learn, understand and further gain knowledge and experience.

Coaching reignited my curiosity.

The urge to question, the ability to take a chance with that question, a willingness to take the risk of asking that question and be absolutely ok to be wrong, and the next moment be geared up with the next question has made impossible things possible today. The world of coaching liberated me from the pressure of ‘having an answer’. It helped me realise that I don’t need to know anything instead let genuine curiosity lead me or the conversation.

Coaching made me be in touch with my curious self.

Suddenly I was more present and my sense of awareness had heightened. Awareness is the prerequisite for curiosity. When you are in the moment, here and now, your focus is only there. That becomes your finite world, for that moment. It makes you listen, connect, explore and be curious.

Assumptions killed curiosity but coaching killed assumptions.

We stop asking questions when we assume that we know the answer. Unfortunately, we don’t really know the answer, we merely assume. Coaching helped me become aware of my assumptions and led me to ask the most basic questions, nudged by curiosity.

What does better mean to you?

How did it make you feel?

Why is it important?

What if….?

My previous self would have assumed the answers to all the above questions. The answers weren’t loaded with a dose of over-confidence; it was merely drowning in assumptions. Coaching made me realise that although words might have a certain meaning in the dictionary, every person has developed a new and different meaning for that word.

Words have acquired meaning based on our own life experiences. And as a coach I allow myself to let go of my beliefs and give myself the permission to not have all the answers. It helped me simplify my life by taking away the baggage of assumptions that I was carrying for so long and be curious to ask those questions.

I quote Albert Einstein again, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

It’s amazing how the world around us can look different, if we are led by nothing but curiosity. Questions open new doors, possibilities and opportunities. Let the power of curious questioning become your partner in life and explore new directions, unravelling the wondrous mysteries of life.

About The Author

Name: Surovi Dey Dhupar

An award-winning leader, speaker and influencer in Diversity & Inclusion, with over 19 years of experience, designing data-driven innovative strategies, implementing people practices to promote workplace inclusion and equity by creating an ecosystem where people can thrive. Being driven with passion to change the Diversity and Inclusion landscape in India, establishing Gender Equity, Disability Accessibility and LGBT Inclusion as business imperative across the organization whilst being a visible and vocal campaigner for equality. A story teller and conversationalist who loves to influence the world through writing and speaking opportunities on Global platforms including BBC Worldwide.

Program Attended with CTT: ACTP Coach Certification Program (Level 1 + Level 2)

Reason for taking this program: It might sound elementary, but I believe in the magic and power of conversations. A simple conversation can change a life, bring a new perspective and generate new thoughts that were otherwise in the hiding. Coaching, simplifies this concept even further by taking out all other peripheral components away and focusing only on the conversation. With that as the context, I wanted to help a larger audience see this, who in many ways have the influence to share organisations/ people. In a world, where there is very little control we have over external factors, by being a coach, I would want to enable people to seek the answers from within rather than awaiting them from the world.

What worked for you: The fact that this was a virtual program, worked best for me. I wouldn’t have been able to make the most of it otherwise. And while the learning sessions, added the necessary theoretical concepts, the peer sessions really provided the actual practice. Personally, my mentor coaching sessions were phenomenal and provided me the guidance that I needed and also the clarity that I was seeking.

What benefits you got: The overall process had made me more aware of my thoughts, it had helped me remove the complexities of assumptions and simplify conversations by being led only by focusing on the other person’s thoughts. Coaching also made me a better listener and also liberated me from the expectation of having an answer. But most importantly, coaching has made more curious, increasing my level of engagement during a conversation.


The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Coach-To-Transformation or its parent company.

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