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My Coaching Journey


- Dec 25th 2020



I started my coaching journey with a lot of preconceived notions and rigidity. I signed up for it mostly because my husband is into coaching and I wanted to see what makes him love it so much. When he said that it might open up some new dimension(s) for me, I wasn’t so sure as I believed I was already adequately self-aware having done my various spiritual & self-development programs. Well! and then I told myself, try everything once and then decide which way to roll!
And lo, thus started my tryst with coaching. I attended the initial physical contact sessions and loved them and was eager to complete the course just when the model was changed to an online coaching session. And phat went my interest. I had to now realign myself to the new reality of attending sessions virtually! So, although my interests dropped, I mechanically went ahead and finished participating in the sessions albeit with very little mind space.
Then slowly, I started the mandated coaching hours mostly to support others in my batch, so I could be a stand for them. From the first time I coached, my mentor told me that I was a natural at coaching, but I struggled to believe it as I didn’t feel like I had “got” it! I did a few sessions and then took a pause to reflect if I was being true to myself. And that pause lasted for close to 6 months!! 😊
During Covid, something triggered in me to restart the coaching sessions and then I started scheduling peer coaching sessions with others. That’s when I realized the power of coaching. What I realized was I needed to be “open” enough to receive it first!! And once I became open, it was a smooth way forward.
The number of “pops” as they call in coaching have been innumerous. I learnt of so many blind spots that I had. I not only became aware of them; I could work on them and look at things differently. It has made me feel so empowered.
On one side, coaching has helped me become a better listener; being coached has helped me uncover so many patterns in my own life.
So, that’s my journey of a non-believer to a believer! I see what wonders coaching can do to one who wants to self-explore & become a better human being as long as one is willing to be “open” to learning!
I invite you to try it out for yourself if you haven’t yet!
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About The Author

Tejshree Madhu has 12+ years of corporate work experience & 5+ years in the start-up world. Has worked across multiple geographies and in varied industries – From Software Services to FMCG ! She is currently excited about the AI space which believes to be the future of things to come !

 Program Attended with CTT: ACC
 Reason for taking this program: Self Exploration
 What worked for you: Realized the value coaching can bring in different facets & situations of life
 What benefits you got:Very powerful , multiple insights on “me” !

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