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An Idea whose Time has Come


- Aug 17th 2022



Victor Hugo, a French poet, novelist, essayist, playwright and dramatist in the 1800s, once wrote, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” What a powerful statement! The context would have been different when he wrote those words, yet they are so relatable to coaching. When a coach helps clients reach the depths of their minds during coaching sessions and unearths the diamond – that is the most powerful moment for the client and the coach.

Even after decades of being a team leader in an organization, one realises that coaching is a powerful and effective tool to motivate and empower people to realise their potential, creativity and overcome their challenges. A leader is incomplete if he/ she does not use coaching tools in a professional relationship. Probably the best leaders use coaching consciously or subconsciously to motivate their teams.

The day I joined the level 1 program at CTT was a powerful moment. My mentor coach cleared my perceptions about coaching during the 14 sessions.

The coaching framework provided by ICF and conducted by CTT takes you through a journey of self-realisation. When people come to you, a leader, with problems or issues you, give them the solution with your experience and acumen as expected. We do not realise how we are depriving the team from developing their strengths by facing the challenges and self-exploration. The struggle is the enabler, just like a chick who struggles to break the eggshell to emerge, or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, they must go through life’s struggle to emerge as an individual. Try helping the chick or the butterfly by breaking the shell of the egg or the cocoon, you would have a weakling which may perish soon. We as leaders have been adopting this strategy with our teams. Coaching is like an hormone which triggers the client to break out of their shell and emerge as a stronger version of themselves.

As a coach, I have realised during this journey, how satisfying it is to empower a client with new ideas. Coaching leaves a deep and life changing impact as we engage the client by asking the right questions, challenging, helping explore, inviting to share and generate new ideas and options. We partner the client to reach a level of awareness and realisation to see their hidden potential. And once this stage is reached, out comes the new ideas. During the coaching sessions, you pursue till you squeeze out the last drop until they are committed to their own action plan.

Today as I complete my 14 weeks of classroom sessions with CTT, my understanding of my beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and perspectives has broadened immensely. It is a revelation that whatever blocks that were inhibiting my growth are within me and not external. The peer coaching sessions prepares you to sharpen this skill with other professionals.

Victor Hugo’s words will ring in my ears whenever a client reaches that ‘aha’ moment- “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”


Author Name: K Arunan
Title of the Blog:
An Idea whose Time has Come

About the Author:Currently heading Retail Academy in a leading Energy PSU with over 3 decades in Sales.

Program Attended: Coach Certification Program Level 1
Reason for taking the program: nearing the end of my corporate career after a stint of more than 3 decades and with a keen interest to help people overcome their limitations and realise their potential I found coaching fits one of my long term life goals.
What worked for you: Great faculty, great peer coaches and good resources available on a LMS
What benefits you got: It has been a journey of self-discovery, awareness and realisation of potential which was hidden.


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