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Obscurity to Clarity


- Sep 23rd 2021



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The rigmarole of the jumbled mind! What a quandary it is!!!

Soul searching can take us on fantastic journeys, lead us through wondrous discoveries … or not.

Positivity is the keyword towards a meaningful and successful self therapy. But in the world of coaching, the first thing one is asked is ‘what do you mean by positivity?’
Wait … WHAT?
So, what I think matters?

This dear readers, is when self discovery begins. It is a complete revelation when we are confronted with the responsibility of being answerable to ourselves. There are so many thoughts continuously racing through our minds and the emotions associated with these thoughts can be overwhelming at times.
We can try to make sense of it all, but the conclusion we reach at, may not be what we want.

Coaching makes ‘ME’ the focus and yes, what ‘I’ think matters! In fact that is the most important aspect.

Also, if everyone starts to voices their opinion then who will ‘listen’?
The ability to listen is an art. Sometimes having someone reiterate our words back at us helps enormously in de-cluttering our thoughts. Reactions may vary, but when our words are repeated to us frequently, they sound different and suddenly we have a heightened sense of awareness to the emotion associated with those words.
A huge ‘Hmm’ settles in and the focus shifts, and just as smoothly our thoughts gain perspective. A sense of calm descends as we make sense of the situation.
With this new found perspective we start implementing change, amid gusto and a certain amount of subtlety.

Big changes require big actions. Yet for us humans, amazing as we are anytime a ‘self-inspired moment’ resonates within, change happens instantly and with greatest ease.
This is true and as unique as we are and that’s why works wonderfully for us. It’s like finally we have become the master of our destiny.

Coaching is quite a unique and personal journey. The notion that we could be categorised or put in a box is actually ludicrous, as that was never our reality. The mere act of stepping forward to be coached is indicative that deep within, we know there is a better way to function and face all our challenges. Facing oneself is the most courageous thing one can do.

In order to face oneself one has to begin the process that numerous religions have extolled, schools of philosophy have explored and countless discussions have had regarding the ultimate precept of ‘Know Thyself’.

And most importantly dear readers, coaching ultimately guides us from – Obscurity to Clarity.

Author Name: Anjani Mistry-Singh
Title of the Blog: Obscurity to Clarity
About the Author: South African National of Indian Ethnicity calling Lagos, Nigeria home for now.
Program Attended with CTT: ICF Coach Certification Program Level 1.
Reason for taking this program: To become a Certified Coach.
What worked for you: Having an interactive learning experience.
What benefits you got: Been afforded the time and space to develop coaching skills.

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