The Laws of Goal Setting
The Laws of Goal Setting
December 20, 2017
Coaching – a learning experience for the coach
Coaching – a learning experience for the coach
January 11, 2018
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Why humans need Coaching?

The journey of life never ends and we always have that certain unresolved issues throughout our lives. The issues that tighten our hearts. Unspoken words left hovering our heads. We can never utter certain words to some people for fear of anger, rejection and other reactions that we foresee. No matter what we do or who we are – one fact remains – we are only human. Nobody understands our worries and our journey the way we do. We do not know whom to talk to for fear that finally our issues or worries are being spread and can create further problems or embarrassment to us. We do not want that to happen and thus we never talk about it.

Our worries remain, rooted and embedded deep down in our hearts. How tormenting it is having something unsaid, unresolved and we can’t even talk to anybody about it. Personally, for me it is not just a torment, it is like a cancerous cell that will devour my entire body. I feel the pain; and my head is aching so much. Should I talk to my family members? I know what I would get, advice and solutions that I never asked for. Should I talk to my friends? Perhaps another whatapp group will be created to discuss how pathetic my situation is. Should I talk to my colleagues? Perhaps everybody else will know or the entire organization for that matter or maybe I would be drowned with too many unsolicited advices. Sometimes, people always forget that they just need to shut their mouth and just need to open their hearts. Frankly, throughout my life experiences, only coaches are able to do that. Listen. Listen without prejudice and perception.

Coaching is part of my life journey that I am glad I took. Given another life, this is the path that I would repeatedly take. Firstly, I am surrounded by positive minded people that never judge me for whoever I am and whatever it is that I do or say. I am myself. The ever carefree happy me without worries that my life secrets are going to be hot topics over meals or how I don myself to be a subject of scrutiny. I just love to be surrounded by like-minded people.
How does coaching works for me as a Coach? Firstly, I need to believe that coaching can help human beings, thus, a coach needs to have coaches too. Having coaches helps me even if I have uncertainties about my clients or even about my personal issues. The peer coaching sessions that we are made to have in a way helps me to discuss confidential matters be it personally or professionally. I feel at ease, I feel confident – the feeling that I have never had if I were to confide to anybody. Coaching employs the technique of asking meaningful questions, thus, provoking my thoughts effectively.

Coaching sessions in general do help us go through our torment, talk our hearts out but always think of how to move forward. Coaching helps us not to live in the past but to plan towards the future. Having a confidant is an ideal situation to most people, and a coach is always a confidant. Coaches are governed by their code of ethics. Coaches keep confidential information. Thus, we feel secured and confident that our secrets are well kept forever.
Why do I enjoy being a coach? I have been in the human resources fraternity for more than twenty years but among all the areas in human resources my passion has always been in the learning and development (L&D). L&D allows me to see the potential in everyone and allows me to help people grow in various ways. Among the learning methods that I have had effectively used is coaching. Some employees’ problems are not necessarily solved via disciplinary method, coaching is one of the tools to help organizations handle disciplinary matters besides resorting to disciplinary actions. I find satisfaction on seeing problematic employees are not really problematic at all. Coaching helps me understand more and to probe more; and at the same time help the clients/employees to even understand more about themselves. It is a learning development process for both the coach and the clients.

In summary coaching has helped me grow personally and professionally over the years. As much as it has helped me it has also helped those in coaching contacts with me. It is a journey that I cherished and will forever pursue improvements in all aspects where coaching is concerned. My desire is to achieve to the highest level in coaching and to help more people to realize their potential and of course to be their confidant – to listen, cherish and understand. Perhaps this in the path bestowed by god to me; and my mission to be the blessings to the world and mankind will be achieved through my commitment to coaching. A journey that never ends.

About the Author – Masni is a coach, trainer and consultant and has been in human resources fraternity for more than 20 years. Her area of interest has always been in leadership and culture transformation. Being a certified coach (ACC, ICF)  and qualified educator,  she has been combining her skills in helping people and organizations growth.

Rajat Garg
Rajat Garg
Rajat is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with over 18 years of industry experience and over 2500 hours of coaching experience, helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. His background includes working with CXOs, senior managers, managers and board of directors of small private companies to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations.

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