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Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification Program

Improve Performance - Develop Collective Leadership

What Is Systemic Team Coaching?

Systemic Team Coaching throws open a vast arena where the coaching is not just about how a team works together but also how they create a certain common contribution and impact. System team coaching is co-created not just by the team but also by the stakeholders or other components of the system. The main objective of systemic team coaching is not just on looking at what happens when the team comes together but how it continues to function as a team when engaging with all aspects of its business ecosystem.

This type of coaching essentially focuses on bringing the entire institution into the framework in a systematic and holistic manner.

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  • 30%

    One-Third of Fortune 500
    Companies utilize coaching as
    standard leadership

  • 86%

    Increase in productivity is achieved
    when training is combined with

  • 86%

    Companies rate their ROI
    favorably for their investment
    in coaching

Source: International Coaching Federation (ICF)

How is Systemic Coaching Different from Other Types of Coaching?

Systemic team coaching helps coaches realize that the team is not created just by the individuals within it but by the purpose it serves. Systemic team coaching pays attention on what is happening within the team’s boundaries.
However, that is not the only focus it has. Its main emphasis is on how the team engages with all its stakeholders.
Its purpose is to try and help the team increase the value it is creating for all its stakeholders.

Who can enroll for Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification (STCPC) Program?

The Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification program offered by Coach-To-Transformation is ideal for all coaches who wish to be a certified systemic team coach. It provides a platform for coaches, leaders, and individuals interested in learning the art of systemic team coaching.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help learners improve their mentor coaching and team coaching skills. Eventually, this will help them guide teams to achieve goals by adopting a more structured and comprehensive approach.

Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification (STCPC) Program Details

Based on ICF’s (International Coaching Federation) core competencies for coaching and team coaching,
Coach-to-Transformation has developed the Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification program.
The core of the program aligns with ICF ethics. It aims to provide a great learning experience for learners
and leaders to help them understand their teams better and enhance the productivity of their teams.

  • 01

    Online Coaching Sessions

  • 02

    30 hours (3 hours weekly) sessions for 8 weeks

  • 03

    Classroom training
    sessions tracking learners’
    progress and work

  • 30-hour program including
    classroom sessions, self-reflection,
    peer work and assessment

  • Mandatory attendance of all
    the classroom sessions and
    completion of coursework and
    assignments given

  • Attendance monitored by the
    faculty in the class as well as on the
    Learning Management
    System (LMS)

Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification (STCPC) Modules

The modules in the program are prepared based on the teachings of ICF and teach the learners how systemic coaching approach can help create self-awareness and deeper understanding within the teams.

The Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Certification program covers eight modules with the aim to develop core competencies. They are as follows:

  • MODULE 1

    • Introduction to Team Coaching

    • Team Coaching Competencies as per IFC

  • MODULE 2

    • Difference between Individual and Team Coaching

    • Understanding Competency 3

  • MODULE 3 & 4

    • Understanding Team and It's Elements and

    • Understanding Competency 4&5

  • MODULE 5

    • Team Effectiveness

    • Understanding Competency 6

  • MODULE 6

    • Other Team Coaching Models

    • Understanding Competency 7

  • MODULE 7

    • Coaching Team

  • MODULE 8

    • Team Coaching Practices

The center of our universe-our students OR our coaches. Here is why they like us

The program enlightened me on how teams could be managed better.

Bradley Emerson, SriLanka

I am saying this again and there is no place I felt the psychological safety when I am with CTT. Both Rajat and Arvind have always been there whenever needed to help clarify and their humility and openness makes you go back there to learn more with them! Love you guys! thank you

Satheesan Edavath, India

“CTT is a wonderful place to learn Systemic Team Coaching KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities). I have compared their program with several other offers in the market, and you’ve got largely above your money. It is done in the weekend, so timing is perfect for professionals and coaches. I would absolutely recommend CTT for Systemic Team Coaching mastery. I eagerly expect the Master Pract session.”

Charlie Martial NGOUNOU
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