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4th Dec 2020 CTT Webinar by Zahira and Taruna


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: 1. Zahira Sughra Zainuddin: Head Group Special Projects- Petronas, Malaysia; 2. Taruna Aggarwal: Founder Life By Design, Executive, Business & Life Coach, Singapore

Session Date and Time: 4th December, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 pm IST

Session Title: “Pause. I See You” Leading in Humanising

Session Description: Today, we are living in the midst of a pandemic, something none of us in our lifetime thought possible or would experience. If there is one thing we need to understand better, it is the power of our collective humanity and how we can harness this to propel us forward as one. And this is where all of us can play our role, as individuals to lead ourselves, lead others and lead in the workplace or in the communities we serve as applicable. And it all starts with understanding and seeing from a different lens all that we have in common, rather than the differences. In this webinar, speakers share how to change the workplace to make it more inclusive.

About the Speaker: Zahira Sughra Zainuddin : Zahira, who holds a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College in London, has an extensive corporate background and has held various roles in the diverse PETRONAS businesses throughout her career. These include organisational level strategy shaping, multi-billion-dollar commercial negotiations, new market entry and business development, stakeholder management, mega-project delivery, global marketing & trading, human resources, culture change and enterprise level transformation.
Given her vast experience and exposure to global working cultures, Zahira believes that embracing diversity, being inclusive and committed to making a difference will be key levers for the sustainability of any organisation and is passionate to humanise the workplace, by creating a compassionate and enabling environment and ensuring everyone is set up for success, growing both professionally and personally. Zahira also has a fondness for poetry and outdoor activities, loves to travel, appreciates humanity in all its oddity, and is committed in wanting to build a sustainable and humane society through active collaboration and meaningful contribution.

Taruna Aggarwal: ICF PCC Coach with 500+ hours Coaching experience and an overall experience of 20 years as an HR and Leadership Development Professional. Taruna believes in Maximizing Potential and Facilitating Empowerment by tapping into the Power of Transformation that lies within each-one of us. Taruna is passionate about working with women leaders, women at the workplace and women entrepreneurs and focuses on building a Coaching Culture in the Education Sector. Taruna hosts her talk show – Wide Angle Conversations- interviews with inspiring women and hopes to ignite change and enable success in others through this initiative. She has led a coaching research study across 6 markets in Asia titled 5th Coaching Survey – an Asia Coaching Benchmark, 2019 owned by Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches

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Zahira Sughra

Executive Coach, PCC

Taruna Aggarwal

Executive Coach, PCC

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