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26 Sep 2019 CTT Webinar by Luciano Boccucci


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: Luciano BOCCUCCI, MCC, MSc

Organization Name: NoStopEvolution (NSE Consulting srl)

Location: Italy

Bio: I have been an Agent of Transformation and Change for the last 20 years, particularly focused on developing those organizations and people which love investing in their potential. Over the years, I have been working in several global contexts both in Italy and abroad gaining an extensive experience in Coaching, Creativity and effective management leadership, acting as agent of Innovation & Change both in personal and company transitional situations (start up, M&A, change management). Among others business experiences, I was in charge of Human Resources in Johnson & Johnson and Volkswagen group, responsible for the J&J EMEA Finance Leadership Council, for Global M&A and for others international teams. In 2009 I founded NoStopEvolution (NSE) a Consulting & Training firm specialized in the development of Creative Leadership, Organizational Evolution, Coaching & Mentoring. I love supporting my clients activating behaviours that ignite that spark which makes everyone of us look at things for a new perspective. I like partnering with them on special challenges and helping them to produce new thinking and doing: the coaching makes it possible to unlock creative potential, so that, creative change and transformation become possible and concrete tor everyone. I hold a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo (NY), the most prestigious world school, always dedicated to creative thinking and leadership and I am also a Master Certified Coach (ICF MCC) from International Coach Federation.

Session Date and Time: 26th September, 2019, TIME tbc

Session Title: Unlocking Creative Potential

Session Description: Coach-To-Transformation’s Learning Series: A session by Luciano Boccucci Unlocking Creative Potential

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Luciano Boccucci

Executive Coach, PCC

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