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19th Sep 2019 CTT Webinar by Adhir Mathur


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: Adhir Mathur

Organization Name: Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Location: Mumbai

Bio: Trainer – Facilitator – Coach
Adhir Mathur is a Trainer, with deep interest in Facilitation and Coaching. Passionate about bringing positive change in people’s life through Coaching conversations. Loves to facilitate to harvest the wisdom of participants. A learning professional with a strong belief in life-long learning.
Comes with over 3 decades of Pharma industry experience. As a Training Manager, has witnessed the rise in the learning curve of new hires. Strongly believes that there is a potential in every individual to develop.
Practises the application of Mindmaps for learners with amazing results.
Twitter: @AdhirMathur

Session Date and Time: 19th September, 2019, TIME tbc

Session Title: The power of Mindmapping

Session Description: Coach-To-Transformation’s Learning Series: A session by Luciano Boccucci Unlocking Creative Potential

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Adhir Mathur

Executive Coach, PCC

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