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16th Oct 2020 CTT Webinar by Cristina Campofreddo


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: Cristina Campofreddo

Session Date and Time: 16th October, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 pm IST

Session Title: Masculine and Feminine aspects of the coaching competencies

Session Description: We are energy beings and we have in us both masculine and feminine energy, which are not separated by they can express through different behaviours and choices. We live in a world both of duality and oneness. The polarity of the masculine and feminine bring to the surface one of the common imbalances in our life, but humanity needs to remember that we are all both sides all at once, masculine and feminine. It is interesting to point out how many professional competencies of a Coach are a pure feminine expression, and how many of them are on the other side an expression of masculine energy. We will explore this topic, we will dig into our essence as human beings, and we will explore it from our coaching perspective and from the perspective of the client. We will use some ready-to-use exercises to learn how to recognize and use our immense resources hidden in the masculine and feminine illusion of separation.

About the speaker: Since 1986 in skills development, training and HR management for leading companies in the fashion, publishing, and financial field. She has been inspired by a deep passion for purposeful leadership and personal &; professional development.

Cristina founded CoachingEra in 2013 and channeled in this company her 30+ years experience in leadership training, consulting and mentoring in the global corporate world to deliver purposeful high quality coaching and training.

Committed to supporting individuals, executives and business companies to access their essence and use their talents, to choose their path and make the best of it. She believes that transformation from the inside out is the most powerful way to reach the desired results. That is why she develops different training and coaching programs based on a deep inner exploration of our multi-faceted resources that wait to be used to flourish in what we do.

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Cristina Campofreddo

Executive Coach, PCC

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