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12th March 2021 CTT Webinar by Ricardo Andorinho


- Mar 01st 2021



Speaker’s Name : Ricardo Andorinho, Founder MBU Intelligence, Portugal

Session Date and Time: 12th March, 2021, 7:00 – 8:00 pm IST

Session Title: Building sustainable Businesses

About the Speaker: Ricardo Andorinho was born in Évora, Portugal. He majored in Handball, a popular sport in Europe with 155 international matches. While playing, he was studying finance, innovation and business performance at the highest level. He wrote a management guide called Awaken Your Genius. His business performance skills made him the founder of MBU intelligence, a company that drives innovation through people skills and abilities.

About the Session: In this webinar Ricardo Andorhino from Portugal shall share with us insights on building sustainable businesses. his webinar shall include but not limited to the below:

  • Building trust within highly effective teams
  • Understanding teams and expectations
  • Connecting team efficiency with Business Intelligence tools
  • Cultural alignment and Sports Lessons
  • The value of a company is 40% of the quality of their relationships. Aligning the individuals to an intangible but structured culture in key
  • Asymmetries in people skills, market demands and corporate ambitions shall be respected
  • Society is changing, and survival modes are observed in leaders of the 21st century


Ricardo Andorinho

Founder MBU Intelligence, Portugal

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