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11th Dec 2019 CTT Webinar by Jim Smith


- Jan 29th 2021



Speaker’s Name: Jim Smith, PCC

Organization Name: The Executive Happiness Coach ®

Location: Ohio US

Bio: Jim Smith, PCC, is an executive coach, international speaker, author, and trouble maker. His passion is to build a Happier World and Workplace, one Leader at a time. Based in the US, Jim has coached leaders from 30 countries and six continents to achieve greater leadership effectiveness and personal balance, and has touched the lives of 18,000+ leaders through his work on positive workplace culture. Jim is trained as an Ontological coach and has done immersive work in Transformational Movement, Primal Dance, and embodied leadership. He serves as a coach trainer and mentor coach for coaching schools in the US and Asia. Jim lives in a multi-generational compound where he dances a little every day and worships the Forces of Darkness: Dark Coffee, Dark Beer, and Dark Chocolate. He deeply believes that Happiness is a Decision, not an Event!

Session Date and Time: 11th December, 2019, 19:00 India Time (08:30 US Eastern Time)

Session Title: What If Your Body Could Coach? Accessing Intuition in Coaching

Session Description: CTT Webinar – 11th Dec 2019- What if your body could coach? Accessing Intuition while Coaching

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Jim Smith

Executive Coach, PCC

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