Offerings for Corporates

Offerings for Corporates

Coach-To-Transformation (CTT) is a boutique firm specializing in the domain of Coaching. With presence across India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK, we are one of the largest Indian MNC in coaching!! Since we focus primarily on coaching, we have developed expertise in the domain and been doing some wonderful work with large clients globally. The team of CTT comprises of MCC, PCC and ACC level coaches with a reach of more than 1000+ coaches across the globe.

All our offerings have a base in coaching and might focus on various areas within your organization. We believe that every client organization is unique and hence cannot fit the same thing everywhere. We work with you in developing and customizing the program while the core of the program remains the same.

Creating a coaching culture

Across the globe, organizations are investing heavily in creating a coaching culture within their organizations. There are proven case studies on the impact of coaching culture and with a lot of hard data on the positive change in ROI and ROE. While most of the organizations still invest in coaching for a few leaders either for developmental or for an issue-based purpose, the organizations which have invested in a coaching culture have reaped benefits in multifold. There are three important pillars of creating a coaching culture.

  • Having access to external coaches
  • Having internal credentialed coaches
  • Having leaders as coaches

Each of the pillars is created and caters to the entire organization. The result is that every conversation within the organization moves into a coaching conversation. Impacts are measured along with taking care of sustainability. It also includes the creation of policies around coaching and standards to be maintained while coaching is happening.

CTT works with organizations and helps them with:

  • Coaching Readiness Assessment
  • Define the structure of creating this coaching culture
  • Training and certification of leaders on coaching
  • Empanelment of external coaches
  • Online Coaching Engagement Tracking tool and reports
  • Learning management system with resources on coaching
  • Impact Assessment

Effective Mentoring Program

A host of organizations like Adobe, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, GE and many more chose to eliminate the traditional performance appraisal system and adopt regular performance conversations by switching their focus From:   Dictating what employees should do at work To:  Helping develop their skills as individuals …with an aim to:
  • Guiding and coaching employees to meet their goals
  • Improving current performance and grooming talent for the future
  • Enhance individual creativity, innovation at work and collaboration
  • Incorporate daily encouragement and feedback into on-the-job conversations
  • Build in TRUST in the organization by empowering employees to take more initiatives and voice their ideas contributing to strengthening the manager-subordinate partnership.
  • Regular tough performance conversations help ease out non-performers and encourage consistent performers
Typically, this comes down to leaders having these conversations with their employees and having mentoring discussions. But the challenge is that most of the mentors have never been trained on being a Mentor!! Which begs the questions: how effective are these mentors? CTT's Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) focuses on supporting these mentors by:
  • Understanding self
  • Understanding others and their differences
  • Training them in the art of Conversational Intelligence and very basic concepts on coaching
  • Training them on the Adapted Peter Hawkins Seven Eyed Model for Mentors
  • Supervising them while they mentor others and provide handholding through individual or group sessions

CTT's approach is unique as it blends Psychometric Tools, Yog Psychology, Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, Mentoring Model and Supervision.