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The VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world is tough for leaders today. Leaders need to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable world of VUCA. This calls for a new standard of leadership. One where leaders have to be tough and kind at the same time to navigate teams through each mission successfully.

You probably already have a leadership style.
But is it the right one?

What is your leadership identity? How does it communicate the value you offer to your employees and the organization? Reaching targets and at the same time seeking acceptance and respect can be daunting for leaders. Leaders have to merge their working world brand and their personal world brand to reach their true leadership potential. Creating a strong personal leadership brand enables leaders to generate maximum value.

Develop your brand identity with Coach-To-Transformation's ‘Leader-The Brand’ program and portray the brand you want to be! This program gives leaders the opportunity to discover, strengthen and evolve their leadership identity in response to the different expectations they face at different times in their career. ‘Leader-The Brand’ program invokes self-awareness in leaders and helps them to evolve their leadership brand to achieve long term success.

Program Outline

Program Details

How Does Having a CTT Leadership Coach Benefit the Leader and their Organisation?

Benefits Of Leadership Training

How Does Having a CTT Leadership Coach Benefit the Leader and their Organisation?

Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone in an executive role that wants to discover, evolve and build their leadership brand.

Learning Outcomes

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