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Why Yoga and how is it relevant to Coaching?

The coaching profession today is entrusted with a responsibility perhaps far greater than we even imagine. Through the leaders and organisations we engage with, we impact the lives of countless people across the world. As key influencers, we have to rise to this challenge – to do the right thing by our clients and by society, to be rooted in dharma. Yoga psychology is a time tested, scientific study of the human mind. As coaches, therefore, it becomes critical for us to comprehend the mind’s working. This insight enables us to have greater presence, listen to truly understand and to ask deeper and more powerful questions. Yoga psychology offers frameworks and models of the personality complex and offers opportunities to address some of life’s biggest questions – what is the purpose of life, what motivates human endeavor, what are the obstacles to change – to cite just a few.

Coaches need to first manage their own selves – their own beliefs and understanding, attitudes and behaviours before the coaching relationship. In the light of this, it is pertinent to look at the science of Yoga Psychology and how it applies to coaching.

Why Choose Coach-to-Transformation’s Yoga Psychology Certification program?

Coach-To-Transformation’s Yoga Psychology and Coaching Certification Program helps coaches enhance their self-awareness and thereby their own presence – personally and professionally. It also provides coaches with frameworks, models and tools to experiment with and to deploy in their coaching practice.

These insights enable us to have greater presence, understand through listening and to ask deeper and more powerful questions.

Program Structure – 30 Hours (Online/Virtual)

  • Classroom training
  • Mentoring & Supervision calls
  • Assignments & Reading material
  • Practice Sessions

Total elapsed time – 4 months

Who can benefit?

  • For people interested in going deeper into Coaching and Yoga Psychology
  • For those who are looking to apply for ICF credentials via the ACSTH route

Infographics: How will you benefit from Coach-To-Transformation’s Yoga Psychology and Coaching Certification Program: Increased Self-awareness, Increased coaching presence, enhanced ability to ask powerful questions

How will you benefit from Coach-to-Transformation’s Yoga Psychology Certification Program?

How will you benefit from Coach to Transformation’s Yoga Psychology Certification Program?

Our Faculties

Alka Shesha

Leadership Coach

Alka has over 20 years of experience working in People Development-as a Coach, Facilitator and a leader. With over 3,000 hours of coaching practice, she is ICF credentialed at PCC level.

She is one of the Founding Members of Magic Bus, a leading global non-profit organization. Alka spearheaded the program development, operations & training vertical until 2012 when she moved out of the structure as Chief Program Officer. She was honored with the L’Oreal Femina ‘Woman of the Year’ award in the same year for her contribution to the field of education.

At present she works as a coach and facilitator to the corporate and social sectors and as a strategic advisor to the latter. She believes her strengths to be leadership skills, strategy, emotional wisdom and building meaningful relationships. Her personal mission at present is to revive the contributions of ancient Indian ideologies, especially Yoga Psychology into mainstream global leadership and coaching practice. She is a speaker and presenter at several public forums like ICF, APAC, IAF etc. Her clients include senior executives from large companies and several global social sector organizations.

Alka is on the Board of ‘We the People’, a NGO that helps initiate exploration, understanding & action towards active and responsible citizenship and also of Devrai Art Village, a non-profit that works with tribal craftsmen. Presently, she is also pursuing her Masters in Leadership Science from the Mumbai University.

Focus Areas: People development, by definition, tends to be holistic and all-encompassing. Yet some specific areas that she helps clients with are:

Developing authentic leadership through coaching engagements Building cohesive, aligned and effective leadership teams Exploring behavior, emotions, values and beliefs Striving for alignment between the inner and outer worlds Achieving work - life balance

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Atul Mathur

Leadership Coach

Atul, PCC and mentor coach, has over 19 years’ experience in coaching and in developing leaders, teams and organizations. His clients include some of India’s best known companies across different industry segments and management levels. A Chartered Accountant, his long previous experience (16 years) in industry - in consulting, IT and advertising – gives him a practical, results oriented approach that is grounded in a business context. Atul believes in the usefulness of a data driven style and values the use of assessments. With this as a foundation, the coaching engagement however is eclectic and may include influences as varied as Indian philosophy, mainstream management practice, NLP or TA to name just a few.

Apart from his work in India, he has delivered extensively abroad - in the UK, Europe and the Middle and Far East. He has been on the Subject Matter Expert panel for Learning and Development of SHRM, India. For several years, he was a guest faculty at the University of Lancaster (St.Martin’s College) where he taught the M.A. programme in Development Training.

He left Mumbai and the corporate world in 1996 as CEO of two of Grey Advertising India’s divisions, to settle down in Panchgani from where he now operates.

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Real Life, Real experiences….

“The programme enabled me to connect with many of my Indian clients much more effectively and easily. Our culture is hard-wired into us and Yoga psychology enabled me to connect into that hard-wiring. As a consequence my coaching quality improved and I could see my clients ability to think through and talk about themselves improve when I brought in Yoga psychology words and concepts. Rajas-Tamasic-Satvik is one example. At a coach level I think yoga psychology is a great way to get to "not knowing" - the ICF competency No 4”
-Anil Kulkarni, Strategy & Leadership Coach

“ In my quest to find techniques to silence my inner chatter, create more self-awareness and become more present in the moment, this course covered all areas! In fact, I gained so much more than I had initially envisaged or hoped for! I have been able to deepen my self-awareness in such ways I don’t feel I could have achieved elsewhere. By exploring the concepts of yoga psychology, the journey of self-awareness felt more rapid and there have been many “light-bulb” moments! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Alka and Atul have such a wonderful manner through which they were able to successfully create a relaxed and secure environment in which learning thrived. Being over 4,000 miles away and participating online, I felt I was participating in a highly focused, smooth, relevant course that was executed very well. My understanding of yoga psychology concepts now impacts my thought processes and questioning in my daily life as well as in the coaching process. From my experience so far in applying yoga psychology concepts and frameworks to my own issues or others', I have felt the pace at which awareness comes is accelerated as, often, I find I can to get to the ‘heart of the issue’! I would go as far as to suggest that Yoga Psychology should be a course for all coaches to undertake before and during their career. For me, it has heightened awareness within me of that which holds me back as a coach. Additionally, for those like me starting out as a coach, yoga psychology has afforded me insight as to what my barriers are which need to be overcome as I start to build and grow my own business.”
- Nadene Mackay, ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

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